History of Lung Cancer

History of Lung Cancer

Lungs are part of the body, responsible for breathing. Lung cancer is caused by abnormal cells that grow into a malignant tumor. The factors that cause lung cancer are many.

Personal and family history of a person are two aspects that may cause lung cancer. Smoking is one of the primary reasons for growth of cancerous cells. History of chain smoking may increase chances of contracting this dreaded disease. It is also possible to be at risk even if not a smoker. Passive smokers are also susceptible to this disease.

Persons above the age of 40 are more liable to be afflicted with cancer. Though it is not a rule and there are enough younger people also who have been afflicted by this disease. People who are exposed to air pollution have to be especially careful and observe for tell tale signs of lung cancer.

Family history of lung cancer increases risks to the disease. It is therefore important to keep updated about the symptoms and causes of the disease. Sometimes the symptoms can be as simple as a cough or fatigue. At times it can be more complicated as a swelling in the throat or difficulty in breathing or swallowing. It is essential to keep tab on personal medical history to help in early detection of the disease.

Lung cancer is a disease that is difficult to detect. Usually it is in the later stages that doctors can actually detect the seriousness of the disease. Treatment for lung cancer is a tedious process. Advanced stages of lung cancer may require a combination of treatments to cure it. Chances of total cure are reduced, if the disease spreads to other parts of the body.

Due to its hereditary factor, children or relatives of lung cancer affected patients should take extra care to get checked regularly and rule out possibility of getting the disease. Regular exercise and a diet with low fat with high fiber content can reduce chances of getting the disease. It would be beneficial to quit smoking and stick to moderate consumption of alcohol.

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