Stage 3 Lung Cancer

Stage 3 Lung Cancer

Cancer is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Growth of abnormal cells in one or both lungs could be indicative of lung cancer. These abnormal cells have a tendency to grow but do not develop into healthy tissue of lungs. Research has shown that 87% of lung cancer is related to smoking. Risks are considerably reduced if the person quits smoking.

Extent to which cancer has spread is categorized as different stages. The stage depends upon the size of tumor and areas it has spread to. Doctors decide mode of treatment based on the stage of cancer.

Localized cancer in a particular part of lung is termed as Stage 1. If it has spread to the lymph nodes at the top of the lungs, it is termed as Stage 2. Cancer spreads to the chest walls during Stage 3. There is a possibility of cancer having spread to other parts of the body such as windpipe or heart, once it reaches Stage 3. Sometimes there can be fluid collection around the lungs that contain cancer cells.

Symptoms of lung cancer can vary from patient to patient. Common symptoms are continuous cough or formation of phlegm with signs of blood in it. More pronounced are symptoms such as a hoarse voice or difficulty in swallowing. Sometimes there is a swelling at the cancerous area.

Lung cancer can be treated in many ways such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Doctors determine treatment depending upon the stage cancer has reached. In initial stages, the patient can be treated by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Usually surgery is recommended to remove malignant tumor found in stage 3-lung cancer. If this does not suffice, the doctors remove the lung to abate growth of cancer cells. Some patients are given a combination of treatments. Chemotherapy is administered before surgery for effective treatment.

It is very important to detect cancer in its earlier stages for effective treatment. As the cancer spreads, treatment becomes more complicated.

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