Gastric Cancer Survival Rate

Gastric Cancer Survival Rate

It is unfortunate that the gastric cancer survival rate has not much improved despite the advancement and more research done to help eradicate the prevalence of stomach cancer amongst Americans. In fact, this cancer is still the 2nd most common cause of cancer mortality.

Fortunately, cases of this cancer have decreased dramatically during the past years as well. Stomach cancer was once the 2nd most common cancer worldwide but with the growing number of people beginning to see the benefits of a healthy food lifestyle, the number of cases already declined.

Statistical reports show that gastric cancer survival rate tend to be quite higher in African American women at 24% compared to the rest, although Caucasian women is following close at 23%. African American men have lower rate at 21% while Caucasian Americans have the lowest at 19%. Generally, there isn’t a very substantial gap between these percentages so it doesn’t greatly affect people in terms of racial differences.

A 5 year gastric cancer survival rate will refer to the percentage of patients with cancer of the gastric organ who are still alive after 5 years. In most cases, the doctors will simply looked into the records of those who had been diagnosed with this cancer 5 years beforehand and determine how much percentage of those people remained living today. Included in the study are the treatment processes, lifestyle modifications, emotional support and other factors that may be the reason for the patients’ continued health. The rates of survival are based on patients who have been given treatment. There has been no established record of the survival rates of patients who didn’t undergo treatment but it may be expected lower than those who did.

As what was mentioned earlier, gastric cancer survival rate has not much improved on the recent years. Out of 5 patients, only one survivor remains living 5 years after the diagnosis was confirmed and treatment was properly given.

A stomach cancer that has not yet spread out will have a more agreeable percentage of survival compared to those whose cancer has already proliferated to its surrounding tissues. This is true to most cancer cases because a cancer that is confined is easier to control and remove than a cancer that has invaded a wider scope of coverage.

Until now, studies are still being conducted to increase the rate of survival of patients with cancer of the stomach. The medical field is looking into the use of preoperative and post-operative chemoradiation to increase the chances as well as other treatment adequate to help combat this disease.

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