Skin Cancer – Understanding the Three Types of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer – Understanding the Three Types of Skin Cancer

These days thousands of cases of skin cancer has been reported. Skin cancer is increasing day by day with the increasing rate. The skin cancer can be defined in three parts. All of these skin cancers are dangerous for humans. These three skin cancers are as follows:

Melanoma- This is the first amongst three types of skin cancers. This can start with a point that is in the moles and this rapidly spread all over the body and this can lead to the death of the infected person. It is advised that if anyone has moles which have irregular borders and are of multiple colors must get checked through a specialist.

Usually people takes it lightly, some takes it as the season changing effects and some takes it in any other way but this has to be treated well because if this is take n lightly then this can lead to the death of the patient. The moles which are extremely opposite to these that is the moles with the regular borders and with the single colors are out of the reach of the skin cancer threat.

Squamous cell cancer- This is also a very dangerous skin cancer type. This type of skin cancer does not spread regularly as it shows its impact occasionally and when it spreads all over the body it could be much more dangerous that melanoma even. It is again advised that whenever one feels that with a very low speed he is receiving some sorts of infection then he must consult a specialist before it gets uncontrollable.

Basal cell skin cancer- This is the third, last and the most common type of the skin cancer. This type of skin cancer does not spread through the body and there are very rare chances that if this spreads from the body also this is the only type of skin cancer which can be cured by the 100% of the lesion. These cancers can not be stopped if they reach their speed and the only way to stop them is to wait until they get through with their entire activity and up to that period the patient will not survive.

Therefore, it is recommended that people must take care of them because if they get trapped by any of this type then this would be very difficult even for the doctor to cure them.

The symptoms for the basal cell skin cancer are that it develops some scaly surface on the area which is usually exposed in the light. There are special creams available to remove this kind of infection which is known as actinic keratosis and the special cream which is advised to remove this is imiquimod. Usually what people do is that they leave that red area as it is and that infection gets enough time to make his own way and this is the reason why the person get trapped by this skin cancer.

Always keep in mind that early detection is your best weapon against any types of cancer.

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