How to Avoid Breast Cancer Attack in Women

How to Avoid Breast Cancer Attack in Women

Breast cancer is a disease of the breast which develops in men and women. It is also a very dangerous disease that anyone who knows how deadly it is would not see just as a mere disease. Its fatality has succeeded in making it compulsory for every woman to be highly sensitive to any sign that could possibly be linked to it and the rate at which it is becoming so rampant today has made it compulsory, even for every man who has female relatives to take up the responsibility of reminding them to protect themselves against it. The reason why it is rated as one of the most dangerous diseases is that it kills faster than many other diseases. It is difficult to cure and according to some people, it is worse than the highly popular and scaring AIDS. It may depend on how knowledgeable each person is, but as a worker in the mortuary two years ago, I have seen few cases of death as a result of breast cancer attack. The circumstances the victims found themselves before they eventually died were two pathetic to begin to imagine any further occurrences of such terrible disease. The level of danger and death threat which it posses on the all women can never be exaggerated. If this is understood the way it is, everyone would agree with me that all possible measures must be taken to stop the development of this dreaded disease in our body systems.

Research has shown that the development of breast cancer emanates from certain activities in the body system. It is also as a result of some breast cancer propelling foods we eat that unconsciously propels its development in our body systems. Some of the foods we eat that propel the development are too much high fat diets and fried foods such as fried meat. If some of foods we eat have the power to propel its development, there should be no doubt that some of our foods also have the power to stop its development if we know them and eat them. This means, as dangerous and deadly as breast cancer is, it does not even cost us anything to stop.

There are certain actions that take place, especially in the body system of the women. Estrogen is a hormone that is produced in women’s ovaries that causes them to develop the physical and sexual features that are characteristics of females and that causes them to prepare their body to have babies. In the process of estrogen related activities, a class of estrogen is normally associated with breast cancer and some actions are cancer stimulating.

Breast cancer has created a lot of unpleasant long lasting effects. Its attack has killed a lot of women while other living patients have been rendered unproductive. The children of the woman that died of breast cancer attack have been turned motherless children and their husbands, widowers. The pains and agony the victims even went through before they eventually died would continue to have a psychological effect on their entire family members while the purpose of the money spent to save the victims’ lives which was eventually defeated would not allow their relatives to forget soon. The pains they got as a result of the loss of their loved ones were incomparable, therefore, if we critically examine this, we would see that t is not women’s business only, but men’s business too to remind women to be watchful of what they eat and that they should always eat the foods that will stop it.

The solution to breast cancer attack begins with the control of your personal activities. The medical practitioners have deep understanding of the operations of breast cancer in the body system of the women and how dangerous it is, that is why they have been advising women to always carry periodic examination out on their breast to know the feel, size and look and quickly report at the hospital if they notice any change or growth on their breast, irrespective of how small it is. When any breast cancer related case is reported, a proper medical examination would be carried out on the affected breast. This is to immediately ascertain the true state of the breast and quickly apply a medical approach if any early stage of breast cancer is noticed. It is easier to fight at the early stage and this is one of the ways to avoid breast cancer attack.

As stated earlier, we can use some of the foods I will show you to fight breast cancer and stop it. Some of these foods are capable of preventing tumor by counteracting the effects of those high fat diets that cause it. These foods also counteract the cancer stimulating actions that take place in the process of estrogen related activities. Some of them also slow down or prevent the growth of tumor cells. Tumor is a mass of cells growing in or on a part of the body where they should not and as a result, they cause medical problems. Another benefit from the consumption of these foods is that, some of them have the power to make cells weak and easily damaged by the stress created by the product of cell division, therefore, cancer cells are damaged in the process.

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