What Are the Breast Cancer Stages?

What Are the Breast Cancer Stages?

Breast cancer stages form the basis for a proper and systematic pattern of breast cancer diagnosis and give a rough idea about the intensity of tumors formed in breast areas. Stages of cancer also help to know the approximate chances of elimination of tumors so that an apt breast cancer cure can be recommended accordingly.

Breast Cancer Stages in Detail

Stages of cancer explain the pattern of growth or tumors in a systematic manner depending upon analysis of various breast cancer causes and the kind of cancer symptoms displayed by the victim. They also help to understand the location of tumors and the damage they may cause to the victim’s body in future.

Cancer stages are closely related to chances of survival of the victim. Life expectancy of a person depends mainly upon the stage of the disorder she is suffering from, and each stage has different rates of survival. Also, the form of treatment to be undergone by the victim depends upon the stage of malignant infection. Usually the treatment is light in initial stages while its intensity increases as the victim progresses from lower to higher phase of cancer. A person may undergo high mental and physical sufferings in the final stages as the treatment pattern gets considerably aggressive. Also, the chances of survival are lowest in final stages and a person may also suffer from cancer recurrence.

Cancer stages can be identified on the basis of output obtained in the diagnosis process undergone by the victim. The disease can be safely eliminated if a person initiate cure as soon as the tumors get detected. Any delay in the process may allow tumors to metastasize rapidly and make their elimination difficult. Stages also determine the pattern of post-treatment care to be undergone by a victim and the kind of support one needs in future to tackle the disease.

In most of the cases, stages of cancer progress due to faulty treatment pattern or ignorance of victim in following necessary lifestyle and dietary pattern. Strong immune system is the biggest defense to cancerous development and plays a vital role in limiting tumors to a certain stage.

Main Stages of Breast Cancer

Stage 0 is the most basic stage and is a general indication of cell abnormality. It is difficult to judge presence of cancerous growth at this stage.

Stage 1 is a condition in which the infected cells start to invade tissues. Tumor-size is less than 2cm and no damage is caused to lymph nodes.

Stage 2 is a phase wherein the tumors spread to axillary lymph nodes and their size is between 2cm and 5 cm. They also try to invade tissues further.

Stage 3 is a phase of breast cancer in which the cancer moves further from axillary lymph nodes. It spreads to chest walls or breast skin and may also invade lymph nodes near breast bone or collarbone.

Stage 4 displays the spread of tumors in wide areas of the body and metastasis takes place at the maximum possible pace. Tumors may spread to lungs, lymph nodes present at distant locations, liver, abdomen, skin or even the brain.

Breast cancer stages are the main indicators of seriousness of cancerous growth and should be examined carefully. Proper cure pattern should be followed in accordance with the mental and physical condition of the victim.

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