Does Garlic Reduce the Risk Of Cancer?

Does Garlic Reduce the Risk Of Cancer?

People who include garlic regularly in their diet, are found to have a reduced risk of certain types of cancer notably those of the stomach and colon as shown in several population-based studies on people in China, Italy and California. In the ongoing European Prospective Investigation into cancer and nutrition, there is found to be a connection between higher intake of garlic and lower risk of intestinal cancer.

Garlic and cancer: How does garlic help in protecting you against cancer?

1.-The herb is rich in antioxidants that act against cancer causing free radicals. It contains organic sulfur compounds which are able to increase enzyme activity to act against carcinogens and eliminate them before any damage is done. Besides slowing down the growth of cancer cells, it is also able to promote self-destruction of these cells. It also enhances DNA repair.

2.-One of the strong risk factor for stomach cancer is gastric ulcer. The sulfur compounds in the herb are able to prevent the ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori bacteria from reproducing thus reducing the risk for stomach cancer.

3.-Cooking meat at high temperature could produce carcinogenic substances which cause damage to cells DNA. An increase in breast cancer among women could be attributed to this. Diallyl sulphide, one of the many sulfur compounds in garlic, prevent these substances from turning carcinogenic by slowing down the production of those liver enzymes that turn these substances into carcinogens. Taking a supplement or adding raw minced garlic to your grilled meat might be a good idea.

4.The herb’s immune-enhancing properties help in the stimulation of more production of the immune system chemicals leading to a stronger immune system and better health. Vitamin C, one of its many antioxidants enhances the production of a group of natural killer cells used by the body to kill tumors. A high level of these killer cells in the body might help in reducing the risk of cancer.

Garlic supplementation might provide a long-term beneficial effect on reducing risk of cancer due to its potent sulfur compounds, its antibacterial and its antioxidants properties, and its ability to block the formation of cancer causing substances.

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