Cervical Cancer Information – Women Care

Cervical Cancer Information – Women Care

Women health issues have always been majorly emphasized and given importance and one of the most threatening health issues is cervical cancer. It is the third most common type of cancer in women posing as a health threat. This kind of cancer is mostly found in the women between the age group of 15 to 44 years. The statistics in UK read out a death of 1100 women every year due to cervical cancer. Though it is generally prevented in U.S due to regular pap smear tests. This implies that one should get educated about this subject and ensure awareness and knowledge about online healthcare products and regard their health as their responsibility to maintain a healthy body and healthy life.

Cervical cancer may be defined as the malignant growth in the cervical area. It is caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) which is transmitted through STDs and the pre-cancerous condition is known as dysplasia which can be detected by abnormal pap smear results. This can last for years and can lead to cancerous cervix cells. This disease is tagged as “common cold” of all STDs and affects more than 80% of all sexually active adults, posing greatest risk to women having multiple sexual partners.

This lethal disease needs awareness as it can be treated if it is detected early. Use of condoms can reduce but does not always prohibit the contraction of this disease. Likewise, skin to skin contact with infected areas can spread the HPV virus. The best preventive measure is to have regular screenings and have a healthy body and immune system to fight these infections. Tobacco consumption has carcinogens which are harmful and smoking doubles the risk of abnormal pap smear. Avoiding these may decrease the risk or persistence of this disease.

The symptoms of cervical cancer may be pain during intercourse, pelvic pain, frequent urination, vaginal bleeding or unexpected vaginal discharge etc. Although these symptoms do not imply presence of cervical cancer but mark its possibility. abnormal pap smear may be detected by the regular cervical cancer screening tests. This pap smear test is not painful and involves sampling of cells from the cervix to examine it microscopically. Advent of new technology everyday helps in finding new ways of detecting abnormal pap smear in early stages.

Cervical cancer treatment is the most effective when it is detected in early stages and it involves surgical procedures like removal of uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes, radiation or chemotherapy.

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