Cervical Cancer Survival Rates

Cervical Cancer Survival Rates

Women of this age have grown far from the beliefs from the previous centuries of old. Women now have started to become independent and have now been more involved in the work force in the world we live in today. One of the biggest threats in stopping women in continuing their growth is cervical cancer. This type of cancer is when there is an abnormal growth in the tissues in the cervix that result to a tumor that might infect not only the cervix but other systems of the body as well in the long run. Cervical cancer survival rates in the initial stage are at the high 90 percent chance of survival.

Cervical cancer survival rates are greatly depended to the stage it is upon. This type of cancer usually begins on the surface where the malignant cancer cells have not the deeper tissues in the cervix. When it reaches its second stage the cervical tumor spread within the tissues of the cervix but not beyond the pelvic area. The third stage begins when the cancer cells have infiltrated and infected the nearby tissues beyond the pelvic area. During this stage the malignant tumors start to invade other tissues until it reaches and infects other systems of the body at its final stage.

There are a lot of possible ways of preventing cancer of the cervix. There are now vaccinations available that could reduce the risk of having this disease at all. Smoking also increases the risk of having cervical cancer, so people who reduce or stop smoking at all will help you reduce the chance of having this malignant type of cancer. According to various researches as well, high level of vegetable consumption may as very well reduce the risks of having any type of cancer as well at a 54 percent ratio. A healthy lifestyle may very well be the key to reducing the risk of having cancer. We should at the very least try to allocate 10 minutes of the day to move and exercise.

Cervical cancer survival rates can be increased. Women should just at the very least have a healthy lifestyle that is comparable to their skills in the business world. If you notice any signs that you may have cervical cancer, you must immediately seek professional help in order to determine whether you have this malignant disease or not. And if so, find the right treatment and medication that is suitable for the current stage you have been diagnosed with.

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