Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Be Informed

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Be Informed

Stage 3 breast cancers occurs when the cancer cells in the breast have spread outside the regions of the breast and have affected the surrounding lymph nodes of nearby muscles but have not expanded well enough to affect distant organs and systems of the body. Breast cancer survival rates for this stage in a five-year period ranges at 54 to 67 percent chance of cure.

There are different forms of stage 3 breast cancer according to Ms. Christy Russell who is a professor of medicine at the Keck School of Medicine in the University of South Carolina and co-director of the USC/Norris Breast centre. She is the spokeswoman of the American cancer society as well. According to her stage 3 breast cancers varies upon the number of lymph nodes involved or the malignant cancer cell invasion within the chest and skin of the patient.

All types of stage 3 cancer of the breast except for where the malignant tumor have affected the lymph node above the collarbone are considered operable. Breast cancer survival rates are greatly adjusted into the type of stage 3 cancer of the breast for there are types that are more aggressive than the others.

Stage III – A cancer of the breast is subdivided into two parts. The first type is where the tumor has grown more or less 5cm and the cancer cells have moved that it infected the lymph nodes in the armpit or the sternum. The Second type is when the tumor has grown within 5cm but has not infected any lymph nodes.

Stage III – B is an indication wherein the tumor regardless of the size, have invaded the chest muscles and have spread among the skin as well. Lymph nodes may also be affected by the cancer tumor. A rare type of aggressive cancer called inflammatory cancer of the breast is considered by many professionals to be a stage III b cancer of the breast because of the involvement of the skin infection of cancer cells. This type of cancer is considered to be aggressive in nature and breast cancer survival rates would drop immediately because of the aggressive type of malignancy.

Stage III – C cancer of the breast occurs when the malignant cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes of the armpit and breast bond and have infected the lymph nodes in the neck or collarbone as well. This type is considered to be inoperable and has the most drastic survival rate among stage 3 cancer of the breast.

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