Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Stage 3 breast cancer has been subdivided into categories by professionals in order to determine the rate of infection and the specific spread of the malignant tumor. These categories are named stage three A, stage three B and stage three C respectively by doctors. Breast cancer survival rates for this stage can go as high as 67% or as low as 40% depending on the type.

When one is diagnosed with a stage 3-A cancer of the breast, the malignant tumor is about 5 centimetres in length. The tumor may spread from the regions of the armpit or lymph nodes in the arm pit, breast and even the tissues in the collarbone. Medical practitioners suggest that one with stage 3-A cancer of the breast will only have a survival rate of 51 to 56 percent due to the extent of the damage done by the cancer cells.

One who has been diagnosed with a stage 3-B cancer of the breast is in a rare case category. The tumor in this case measures about 5 centimetres and has the malignant tumor spread primarily among the tissues of the skin, chest wall, chest muscles and ribs. In rare cases, the malignant tumor may spread among the lymph nodes located in the breast bone as well. The average breast cancer survival rates with a case of stage 3-B cancer of the breast, has an average of 42 to 49 percent chance of survival.

Stage 3-C cancer of the breast has been divided into two groups which are operable stage 3-C cancer and inoperable stage 3-C breast cancer. Operable stage 3-C cancer of the breast is a condition wherein the malignant cancer cells have spread towards the lymph nodes in the neck or the collarbone. Meanwhile inoperable stage 3-C cancer of the breast is a condition where the malignant tumor has spread thoroughly that it affects the lymph nodes in the breast as well. This type of breast cancer has an average survival rate in a five – year period of 35 percent chance of continued existence. This was the result of the diagnosis of medical professionals all around the globe.

The important thing that one should remember is that these statistics are merely numbers. There are people who have survived stage 3 breast cancer even at its worst scenarios. Everyone who is conflicted with this disease has the opportunity to have a valiant fight in her war against this dreaded illness. There are no guarantees that if you have a 30% chance of survival that you will not live, It is up to you to decide whether you will give up your fight or not.

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