Nose Skin Cancer – Why It’s Common And How To Treat It

Nose Skin Cancer – Why It’s Common And How To Treat It

One of the most common places for occurrences of skin cancer is on the nose. Because the nose is often exposed to the sun, it is constantly experiencing the bulk of the atmosphere’s ultraviolet rays, making it a prime target for skin cancer. This is an issue for many, not only for health reason, but as the nose’s prominent placement on the face makes it a rather unsightly place for the sores associated with skin cancer. And, with other cancers it is always important to seek treatment for nose skin cancer, as it may spread throughout the body.

Like any other cancer, the sooner you catch and treat nose skin cancer, the better off you will be. Early detection, as always, is the key. With nose skin cancer, it is best to seek surgery quickly, in order to remove the cancer before it increases in size, becoming larger and more noticeable. If you think you may be developing the warning signs of this, it is important to go see a doctor immediately — either your general physician, or a dermatologist. Your doctor will be able to answer any questions, address any fears and walk you through the available treatment options. So, do not let fear keep you from seeking immediate help.

Often, it is treated either by blasting with liquid nitrogen or cutting with a hot knife. Only in the case of the most extreme or persistent nose skin cancers, including malignant melanoma or cancers of a larger size, will surgery be necessary. But even those procedures are relatively quick and easy. Just remember, if you have this, no matter which type of cancer it is, whether serious or not, it is most likely that your doctor will opt for the least invasive method possible to treat it and treat it correctly, in order to lessen the chance of the cancer’s reemergence.

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