Clarifying the Stages of Breast Cancer

Clarifying the Stages of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a dreadful disease, which does not just affect one’s health but also their mind. An affected person will constantly be in a sad mood. This disease has affected people all over the world and every part of the body too. There is no organ that has saved itself from cancer. Cancer is a fatal disease and results in a painful death. However, thanks to the medical world that we can now treat cancer. This treatment is possible only if we treat ourselves as early as possible.

One of the most commonly found cancer in women is breast cancer. It is not just found in women but also in men. According to statistics, breast cancer is second to lung cancer and is the major reason for death of women who die from cancer. It has been found that in U.S alone one out of eight women suffer from breast cancer. The survey also shows us some frightening number of breast cancer patients to rise up more and more as years pass by. To avoid more death of women due to breast cancer, it is important to treat breast cancer at its early stages because if you leave it carelessly then you are pushing yourself into the well of death.

Many of our medical questions remain unanswered, but whose answers are necessary to find. One such question is that how do I know that I am suffering from breast cancer? The answer is simple, by its symptoms. The symptoms are simple to know. The tumor, which is formed at its early stage, may not be detectable by you manually, but it is possible to detect it though mammogram. It is necessary for women to undergo an annual mammogram screening to detect cancer at its early stages. Remember that cancer can be treated only in its early stages and delay can lead to mortality.

There are even more signs of breast cancer that can help you know that whether you are suffering from breast cancer or not:

Touch your nipples and breast and feel them. If your nipples are tender and you feel any sort of lump or thickening around your breast or underarm then fix an appointment.
If your skin is red, swollen or rough on the breast, then you need to take care of it.
See if there is any kind of fluid or discharge from the nipples.
Check the size of the nipples, if one is bigger than another then you need to check it.
Touch your breast and feel its temperature, if it is hot then you need to check it.
Presence of any kind rash on the breast or patches of it around the breast need to be taken seriously.
Flat or inverted nipples have to be checked.
Breast cancer can be treated in its early stages. Therefore, it is necessary for women to go for an annual check up. Do not fear or feel hesitated, because your fear or hesitation can lead to death.

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