Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms Every Woman Should Know

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms Every Woman Should Know

Most women fear of having a breast cancer because this disease is really common in women especially with ages 40 and above. A cancerous cell found in the breasts is known as breast cancer. A multitude of breast tissue that grows in the front section of your body abnormally is a cancerous tumor. If you feel that you have cancer of the breasts, it is essential for you to be aware of the cancer signs and symptoms to confirm whether you have cancer or not.

Second to lung cancer, cancer of the breast is the most common cancer type that attacks and kills thousands of people every year. This is also the most common cancer found in women. If you are a woman, ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent it from occurring. Although, breast cancer is usually acquired through hereditary factors, modern lifestyle is still associated with this disease.

Early cancer of the breast is usually difficult to determine because it normally doesn’t cause any pain. The fact is when early cancer develops; there may be no visible single symptoms at all. Patients suffering from this cancer would just then realize they have cancer as the cancer grows. Breast cancer signs and symptoms to watch out for are:

Lump in the boob. When you found a lump that is not clear of the shape and the size of small crab, most likely it is one sign of cancer of the breast. This is usually visible near the boob area or in the underarm area.
Nipple changes. It is unusual if there are sudden changes with your nipples. It could be a sign.
Changes in the size and shape of the boobs. Unless you are pregnant, changes in the size and shape of the breast is not normal.
Nipple discharge and tenderness. If you found nipple discharges without any reason, then there is a possibility that you might have cancer.
Swollen breasts and the skin look like the skin of an orange. Front pains are normally felt before menstruation and during pregnancy. If your boobs are swollen with none of the reasons I mentioned, then you should see your doctor for examination.
If you experience 3 or more of breast cancer signs and symptoms, it is recommended to go to your doctor immediately for examination. This is one way to detect whether you have cancer or not. Be aware of breast cancer whether you are a woman or not.

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