Think Of Skin Cancer When Doing Household Jobs

Think Of Skin Cancer When Doing Household Jobs

I know it from experience. Bruises on my hands do not heal. They have not for the last 13 years and no matter what, they will stay. I look like an alien at times with my broken skin. You think putting on a rubber glove is helpful? Well, no.

The condition of my skin got worse after sweating in the glove. Rubber and heat are a killer combination for sensitive skin.

What is there to be done? Once you have missed the great chance of your life of keeping a housemaid, or simply build a self-cleaning house, you are at risk of allergenic materials getting in touch with your body’s primary and largest protective system, your skin.

One could write a whole encyclopedia on the causes of skin cancer. It varies from individual to individual as to which chemical, or substance causes allergic reactions. It is malignant, and rapidly leads to death. This cancer normally develops in the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. Therefore, the tumor is clearly visible, making diagnosis slightly easier than in other cases of cancer.

The skin has numerous kinds of cells and two significant layers. The epidermis is the top layer of skin containing flat, scaly, cells, which are called squamous cells. They are located on the surface. The epidermis also contain basal cells, which are round cell that give color to your skin, these are the melanocytes.

Mainly, there are three types of skin cancer each of them named after the cell affected.

The most common type of skin cancer called Basal cell carcinoma, is destructive and disfiguring. People highly exposed to UV light and with a history of the disease within the family are at most risk. This disease can be treated with surgery, or chemotherapy, x-ray. Rarely, is it life threatening.

Squamous cell carcinoma can occur in many organs, including the skin, mouth, prostate, lungs, and cervix. The skin becomes red, scaly, and open, and is rather painful. It can either grow in its original place, which is called in situ, or spread around, which is called invasive. Smoking can be a significant risk factor for this type of skin cancer. After organ transplantation, the immune system becomes weakened by the anti-rejection drugs which may lead to this type of skin cancer.

The most dangerous of the three is malignant melanoma, which can cause death, however, it is the least common among skin cancers. The only effective cure is resection of the primary tumor via surgical intervention. According to the surveys, it is mostly dangerous to the white population living in sunny areas. Diagnosing melanoma takes an experienced eye as in the early stage they look like moles. There are various options for treatment varying from surgical intervention to chemotherapy.

How can people prevent skin cancer in general? One serious sun burn increases the risk of developing skin cancer with 50%. Whether you are sunburn, or you are apt to develop cancer, depends on your genetics as well. However, in every case, sensitive areas like lips, nose, and palms, and the back of your hand should be sufficiently protected while exposure to sun.

Sunlamps and tanning parlors are also dangerous, yet people still visit them especially during winter time. It proves a high risk and you will not look younger or smoother after a fake sun tanning.

Natural skin color is nowadays fashionable, and looking as if you had just arrived from the Bahamas won’t give your children their mother back. Take precautions when you enjoy the sun.

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