Melanoma, Skin Disease and Skin Cancer Treatment – You Need to Read This

Melanoma, Skin Disease and Skin Cancer Treatment – You Need to Read This

Skin cancer like melanoma is potentially fatal. Hence, it is imperative that skin cancer treatment is begun early. Skin cancer treatment may take on the conventional form or it may be along the lines of alternative medicine. Cancer treatment is progressing rapidly by the day and new treatment methods are in the pipeline.

Conventional skin cancer treatment encompasses a range of methods, like:


Surgery is the oldest form of treating skin cancer. This treatment involves the removal of the tumor and some adjacent healthy tissues in order to stem the cancer spread. For some surface-based cancers doctors and surgeons have found skin peels like the TCA skin peel have been very effective (see the link below for more info on TCA peels for home use).


Chemotherapy aims at skin cancer treatment by introducing specific cancer-combating drugs in the body. These drugs kill the cancer cells by hampering their development and regeneration. To counter the side effects, chemotherapy is being molded along new lines.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses x-rays to kill the cancer-causing cells. This therapy can be applied to any part of the body. New radiation techniques like External Beam Radiation aim at focusing the radiation to the cancer cell and away from healthy tissue.


Biotherapy or immunotherapy aims at treating skin cancer by enhancing the body’s immune system with doses of tumor vaccines, interleukin-2, or interferon-alfa. It involves fewer side effects than other methods.


The cancer cell is known to be sensitive to heat. Local hyperthermia is one method of cancer treatment where the whole body or the concerned area is subject to high temperatures to destroy or weaken cancer cells.

Photodynamic Therapy

A relatively new cancer treatment, Photodynamic Therapy, involves the injection of Photofrin so that when the cancer cell is subject to a laser beam, the drug is triggered into action. This treatment is relatively painless and entails less risks and side effects than other treatment forms.

Steering clear of these harsh methods are the alternative forms of cancer treatment like:

Nutritional Therapy

Here the cancer patient is put on an individualized diet in accordance with the specific dietary preferences and requirements to counter the ravages wrought by the disease and the treatment.

Pain management

Pain management aims to alleviate pain and distress either through drugs, surgery or psychotherapy.


It is “back to nature” in the realm of cancer treatment, with natural therapy. Naturopathy is an herbal treatment, which furthers your body’s innate ability to heal itself, combining a range of processes.


Another new form of cancer treatment is Psychoneuroimmunology. It believes that mind can wield enough control over the body to stimulate a healing process. Thus, this form of treatment engulfs a range of nutritional and medical issues to aid during the bodily healing and emotional and cognitive therapies like stress management and humor sessions to empower the mind.

Spiritual Support Therapy

Another popular form of skin cancer treatment is Spiritual Support Therapy, which takes care of the patient’s spiritual well being and a regimen of exercises and massages that forms the Physical Therapy, designed to abate stress and pain.

Skin cancer treatment is most effective when cancer is diagnosed early and the physician embarks on the best form of treatment.

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