Lung Cancer Caused From Smoking – The Health Risks of Smoking and The Benefits of Stopping

Lung Cancer Caused From Smoking – The Health Risks of Smoking and The Benefits of Stopping

All of the specific causes of cancer have not yet been pinpointed, but one thing that is certain is that lung cancer caused from smoking is one of the top killers of otherwise healthy adults. Yet many people are not aware of the specific facts behind this, and how tobacco can lead to lung cancer. It’s estimated that an adult male who smokes until he dies is 23 times more likely to die of lung cancer than someone who has never smoked. This drastic figure can be greatly reduced, however, by quitting earlier in life, which is why it’s so important to think about these statistics early on.

It’s not only the tobacco itself that leads to lung cancer caused from smoking. Studies indicate that the smoke itself contains a wide variety of different carcinogenic chemicals, including benzoapyrene and NNK. These are deposited in the lungs every time the smoke is inhaled, and can cause DNA damage over time. These foreign chemicals in the body also can lead to stress and inflammation in the lungs, which over time promotes an environment that is more prone to the growth of tumors. The DNA damage can cause cells to start dividing or multiplying in a way that is commonly associated with cancer.

This can be a deadly problem because the lungs are one of the most important organs in the body, and unlike others, cannot be replaced. Another problem with lung cancer caused from smoking is that cancer of the lung is harder to detect than many other types of cancer, and tumors may not be detected until it’s already too late. In fact, some of the leading signs of cancer of the lung are actually symptoms of other diseases also caused by smoking, such as heart problems or emphysema. There is a survival rate of around 15% with those who have cancer of the lung, which is quite low in comparison to other forms of cancer.

Although these statistics are grim, quitting smoking as soon as possible causes the damage to the lungs to be reversed in many cases, drastically cutting your chances of developing lung cancer caused from smoking later in life. The human body is amazingly adept at renewal, so even if there has been some lung damage, this can be repaired over time. The most important factor is to stop introducing the steady stream of carcinogenic chemicals into the body as soon as possible, to help aid in this healing process and prevent lung cancer.

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