Can HPV Warts Cause Cervical Cancer

Can HPV Warts Cause Cervical Cancer

Can HPV Warts Cause Cervical Cancer? This is a question often asked regarding the prevalence of HPV infections particularly genital warts. Human Papillomavirus infections have already outnumbered other forms of sexually transmitted diseases. Knowing that some forms of HPV cause this type of cancer and cases of HPV infections like genital and skin warts are increasing, and then we must know if HPV warts cause cervical cancer.

HPV are a group of many forms, they take more than 100 varieties and some of these varieties cause genital warts and skin warts, some harmless, and some more serious. The cause for concern today is that both of these ailments are caused by the Human Papillomavirus. Since both are caused by HPV, then probably warts can be a cause of cervical cancer. It is true that all warts or papillomas are caused by HPV, thus the name. However, with the different types of HPV, it has been studied that the HPV strain that causes warts is different from the one that causes genital warts.

Cervical cancer can be caused by a persisting HPV infection in the cervical region. If undetected and untreated this HPV infection can cause cell abnormalities amongst the surrounding cells and develop into cancer. However there is no scientific proof that these HPV infections are from regular warts or genital warts.

It is safe to say that HPV warts in any form can not possibly cause this cancer. But other forms of HPV infections particularly in the cervical region can be a probable cause of cervical cancer. Referring to the question again – can HPV warts cause cervical cancer? The answer is a no. There is no proof, there has been no case wherein HPV warts infected the cervical area and developed into this cancer. There are various types of HPV. Those types that cause warts are different from the types that cause cancer.

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