Breast Cancer – Facts

Breast Cancer – Facts

It is shocking to know that Cancer is responsible for taking lives of 6 million people all over the world every year. The good part is that modern and developed medicine is offering mind blowing advancements in treating cancer by incrementing symptom direction, research, therapy, detection, prevention and awareness. It will be true to say that the previous 15 years are the years of revolution for CANCER. Now people have easy approach in getting help of the medical department to detect cancer on early stage of life so that cancer can be treated well with best of the cures in shorter time span and with low treatment cost. This way the body of the patient under goes lesser pain and insult.

Facts about Breast Cancer:

This is a common question amongst females- Am I at the danger of getting diagnosed with Breast cancer? You must understand that the this type of cancer is amongst the most vernacular malignance which is affecting females most commonly in Europe and North America. It is true that all females are at the danger of getting breast cancer. In the year 2001, there were about 21,000 breast cancer cases in the United States of America. Most of us are not aware of the truth that breast cancer is the 2nd most deadly cause of increasing death toll amongst American females other than the lung cancer. The risk of getting breast cancer in the complete life time is for any female is 1 in 8 but the probability of dying due to breast cancer is quiet low that is about 1 in 28. After getting diagnosed with breast cancer, this shocking news not only stresses the patient but the whole family itself. The suffering is meant for all. The burden increases and the depression too. Females who have weak will power surrender themselves to the breast cancer and do not feel like fighting against it. This is the main factor responsible for the death of the patient.

Know your breast:

The breast is an important gland of a female body which is a collection of fatty tissues which are present between the chest wall and the skin. After delivering a baby, the breast glands produce milk. Every single gland inside breast is known as a lobule and these lobules result in the creation of a lobe. Every breast consists of 15 to 20 of these lobes. The milk reaches the nipple through the glands by the path of tubes which are known as ducts. When your breast is completely filled with milk, the ducts and the glands become bigger in size. The fatty tissue is mostly responsible for changing the shape and size of the breast. Moreover the breast also contains lymph vessels and blood vessels too. The lymph is a liquid waste which is drained out from the breast inside the lymph nodes. Mostly the lymph nodes are situated under the arm and this area is commonly known as axilla.

You have the ability to avoid the risk of getting diagnosed with this form of cancer but you only need strong will power and some precautions that need to be given proper consideration as a female. Regular check up is compulsory for females who are 30 years of age or more.

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