Knowing More About Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Knowing More About Breast Cancer Risk Factors

When we speak of a risk factor it usually refers to anything that would aggravate a person’s chance of having an illness.

There are breast cancer risk factors that one can control and risk factors that can’t be controlled.

Weight for example is a risk factor that can be controlled. Obesity is oftentimes associated as a risk for it especially for women after their menopausal. The primary source of the body’s estrogen right after menopause is the fat tissues. It is the time wherein ovaries ceased to produce hormones. The increase of fat tissues means having elevated estrogen levels which can boost the risk.

Alcohol consumption and smoking are also identified as cancer of the breast risk factors. Researchers have verified that the risk increases with the amount of alcohol a woman consumes. Too much alcohol consumption limits the ability of the liver to control the blood levels of the estrogen hormone. Meanwhile, smoking is also connected to a little increase in breast cancer risk.

The use of oral contraceptive or birth control pills is linked to some extent of increase in a woman’s risk of having a breast cancer for certain of period of time. For those women who have refrain from using any oral contraceptive for more than ten years are free from any increase in breast cancer risk.

Though there are no clear proofs and evidences that stress and anxiety can augment the risk however, by reducing stress and anxiety it promotes and enhances satisfaction and joy which can have a significant effect on the quality of life. Mindful measures such as engaging into exercise activities like aerobics or yoga can be valuable to one’s regular routine. As a matter of fact, The American Cancer Society suggests that people must engage into 45-60 minutes of physical exercise 5 or more days a week.

As for the cancer of the breast risk factors that you cannot control in top of the list is the gender. Being a woman is the most major factor for developing it. Though men can also suffer from cancer of the breast however a woman’s breasts cells are growing and changing continuously which are mainly the reason to the activity of the female’s estrogen and progesterone hormones. This kind of activity puts women at a much greater risk for it.

Family history of it is generally a risk factor. If you have a first-degree relative like a sister, daughter or a mother who has had cancer of the breast, or you have several family members which are affected by breast or ovarian cancer you definitely have a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

By simply aging you also increase the risk of having it. Growing older as a matter of fact is the second biggest risk factor for breast cancer.

There are several cancer of the breast risk factors that are beyond your control. Professional help could provide you with accurate data and information as well as better understanding on breast cancer risk.

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