Foods to Avoid If You Are Dealing With Cancer

Foods to Avoid If You Are Dealing With Cancer

We are what we eat,” that is our state of health is related to the food we eat daily. The reason there is so much cancer today is because our food has changed over the last 40 to 50 years, yet prior to that it hadn’t changed for 10,000 years.

All cancers have many causes but it’s the food we eat which is the main cause. Today the majority of food in western countries is in supermarkets and most of that food has been processed or interfered with by man. Processed food exists because of one reason and that reason is profit. Also nearly all of that food contains fat, salt or refined sugar, added to help it sell and those 3 items are all known contributors to cancer. Manufactures make many unsubstantiated health claims about their products so one should be wary of any of these claims.

Western populations are big consumers of red meat and while a little meat will never cause us any health problems, eating too much will. It’s the main contributor to cancer of the colon. All alternative cancer treatment diets are vegetarian based with only one small exception and that is the Budwig diet which uses a small amount of organic cottage cheese. The problem with meat is it has no fibre and therefore has a much longer transit time through the intestines.

Refined sugar as mentioned above needs to be totally eliminated because of one very important reason. It feeds cancer cells! It’s the natural food of cancer cells and that was discovered over 70 years ago. “Dr Otto Warburg,” a German biochemist, who stated; “there is only one prime cause for all cancers and that is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal cells by the fermentation of sugar.” It’s a very sad fact you wont be told this by the person you seek help from for your problem.

Food additives, while these are not all bad there are 2 that need to be avoided and they are sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. They are in bacon, hot dogs, ham, salami and other processed meats, used to help preserve the color of the meat so it looks pink, rather than grey. The chemicals also inhibit botulism so this gives it a longer shelf life. Nitrates and nitrites are suspected carcinogens.

Cooking food by smoke is cancer causing as smoke irritates our digestive system and can cause cancer of the stomach and colon. Also pickle foods have been suspected to cause cancer probably because of the high amount of salt used in the process. Research has linked pickle food to a higher risk of stomach cancer.

Acryl amides are formed when starchy food such as chips and crisps are heated to high temperature by frying, roasting or grilling to turn them golden brown. They are also suspected of causing cancer. Meat when cooked in a hot frying pan or on a barbecue produces heterocyclic amines and this has been found to be carcinogenic.

It is well known that alcohol can increase your risk of a number of cancers, including breast and prostate cancer. Even a moderate alcohol intake increases your risk as a recent U.K. study has shown.

Lastly, if you are dealing with cancer you need to be careful with your consumption of dairy products. Most of them contain saturated fat and cheese has a high percentage of salt. Remember they are all made from cow’s milk that was never intended for human beings.

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