Dog Cancer Symptoms – What Causes Cancer and Common Illnesses With Dogs?

Dog Cancer Symptoms – What Causes Cancer and Common Illnesses With Dogs?

As loving responsible pet owners, the last thing we want is our pets to suffer from cancer or any low quality of life illnesses.

Different types of cancer are unfortunately very popular with all types of breeds and sizes of dogs. One should be very aware of your dogs health and should be able to recognise any form of cancer appearing as soon as possible. The sooner the cancer is found the better chance of treating and minimising the dreadful effects of this disease.

Cancer symptoms to watch out for on your dog

Unusual lumps or swellings that appear all of a sudden, a biopsy is required to confirm if it is cancerous.
Open wound and skin related problems that don’t go away, skin cancer form because of reaction to allergies, exposure to certain chemicals and UV rays from the sun from being exposed in the sun for too long periods.
Prostrate cancer can also be found with older dogs, common symptoms are hard to see but dogs tend to have problems urinating and defecating. Often bloody urine and stools can be seen. Stomach, liver and kidney cancer are more popular with dogs. They tend to stop eating and drink a lot of water all of a sudden. Occasionally they will start eating grass and certain plants. Rapid weight loss is very common, along with chronic diarrhea.
Bone cancer known as osteosarcoma which is a common long bone tumour, is often diagnosed with symptoms like arthritis and muscle pains. When you dog starts behaving out of the ordinarily, take note and investigate what the problem might be.
So what is the most common cause for all these cancer diseases?
If you look all the ingredients on a cigarette pack, it’s no wonder why smokers suffer from lung cancer and other deadly associated diseases.

Same applies here, if you look at the ingredients in commercial dog food products, it is unbelievable what passes for nutrition for dogs. The cheaper the food, the worse the ingredients get. Most commercial food is loaded with all sorts of toxic chemicals and preservatives.

There are traces of Sodium Pentobarbital found in some commercial food. This is the same chemical used to euthanize animals. It is present because the meat in the food they use is processed meat which is made from dead animals or euthanized animals.

Dog food manufactures also use the chemical ethoxyguin (EQ) to preserve the dog food and give it a longer shelf life. This chemical is not allowed in human food, care to guess why? The chemicals and preservatives in commercial dog food is not fit for consumption.

If you think about all the common illnesses and problems dogs have, you realize that they are common symptoms that humans have when we are poisoned by chemicals.

Some illnesses like Kidney cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, hair loss, chronic diarrhea and other major organ failure is directly related to these chemicals and ingredients used. Dog food is simply not regulated.

The only true way to prevent your dog from getting ill or getting cancer in the long term from harmful dog foods, is to make the dog food your self. Your dog could live nearly twice as long if you do this. They are easy simple methods of making home made dog food. The best way is to make dog food in bulk and to freeze it for later use in the week. If you follow the recommended recipes your dog will get al the protein, vitamins and minerals without much effort.

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