Main Symptoms of Cancer

Main Symptoms of Cancer

Symptoms are the indications by the body that there is something wrong. These refer to the physical feelings undergone by the sick person. They may or may not be visible. The signs of an illness can be diagnosed by the doctor or the medical practitioner. Just one symptom cannot diagnose a particular disease but can lead to an investigation and help can be provided before the disease flairs up.

Cancer is a disease that can affect ant part of the body ranging from the glands, blood, bone, muscles, organs, and skin. It is basically an uncontrolled division of cells that cannot be regulated by the body. As an enemy within the body it ravages each cell while spreading its deadly tentacles, affecting healthy tissues and cells. The symptoms of cancer depend upon its origin and size of the tumor and its spread.

In some types of cancer the specific symptoms do not appear until it has reached an advanced stage. If the cancer has spread to other parts of the body then there may be a variety of symptoms. In brain cancer, if a tumor is formed the size of a speck also, there may be variety of symptoms as it may push against a nerve or a blood vessel that might be affecting a particular portion of the body.
As the cancerous tumor continues to grow, the intensity of the symptoms may increase manifolds because it may start pushing the adjoining organs and tissues leading to discomfort.

The specific symptoms may be localized to a certain extent depending upon the area of spread of cancer. Generally all cancers have some common symptoms and specific symptoms related to the affected area of the body. These symptoms are common to other diseases also and the medical practitioner can be misguided on the diagnosis of the disease. Sometimes symptoms are ignored because they seem insignificant and temporary. However the earlier cancer is diagnosed the better you have a chance of stopping it from spreading further.

Some symptoms may not be a sign of cancer but in any case they need medical attention. The general symptoms range from weakness, fever, weight loss to dizziness and backaches.
Fever is a common symptom of cancer as it shows that the body is fighting an infection. Persistent fever shows an advanced stage of cancer specially leukemia. Sudden weight loss of more than 15 pounds without any explanatory reasons can also be a sign of cancer related to stomach and lung or even the digestive system. Weakness and fatigue are also an indication of cancer due to weight loss and blood loss in some forms of cancers. Skin cancers produce symptoms like darkening and yellowing of skins.

While the localized and the particular cancer symptoms may differ as to the region they have affected. Any change in the normal functioning of the organ can be a reason for cancer check.

o Change in excretory system : constipation , piles , change in stool formation, passing of blood in stool or urine, pain during urination can all be symptoms of colon cancer , prostrate cancer and bladder cancer.

o Passing of blood: any unusual amount of blood that is passed while coughing, with urine, stool or major vaginal bleeding are not normal. They are signs of lung cancer, rectal, kidney, uterine cancers, and stomach cancer.

o Chronic Ulcers: Oral ulcers and sores that have not healed on the penis and inside the vagina may be cancerous.

o Formation of lumps: Any formation of lumps in the body whether in the skin, breast, testicals, glandular lumps that have grown in size show an early signs of cancer. Warts that have grown in size.

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