Prevent Cancer By Changing Your Lifestyle

Prevent Cancer By Changing Your Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the many causes of cancer. One of the easiest things you can do to prevent cancer from happening is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can easily find tips and information regarding healthy living on the internet. Here is a list of preventative measures you can take in order to help protect yourself from cancer.

1. High fiber foods are essential for cancer prevention. Fiber can help decrease the risk of cancer. Start consuming foods that are high on fiber such as fresh vegetables, fruit and grains regularly.

2. Avoid obesity. Some researches show that obesity increases the risk of cancer, especially breast, uterus, colon, kidney and gall bladder cancers.

3. Consume foods containing vitamin A and C such as vegetables like broccoli and fruits like bananas, oranges, papayas, tomatoes, and mangoes. These foods are rich in antioxidant and can help prevent esophagus, larynx, lung and stomach cancers.

4. Cut down consumption of fatty foods such as fried foods and offal. Foods that are processed for long periods of at high temperatures are equally as bad.

5. Avoid cooking processes that can produce procarcinogen such as smoking, baking, roasting and overcooking your food. Avoid microwaving your foods as well. Boiling and steaming are the most preferable method of cooking.

6. Reduce the consumption of foods containing artificial sweeteners and food coloring as well as those with preservatives.

7. Consume more vegetables which are members of the cabbage family such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. These vegetables can protect you from stomach and respiratory cancers. Broccoli is known as a ‘super food’ and is known to prevent cancer.

8. Stop smoking and keep away from alcoholic drinks. Smoking can potentially cause lung cancer.

9. Always consume clean foods. Make sure you wash raw foods before you consume them to get rid of harmful chemical substances and pollutants.

10. Add garlic to your cooking. It contains sulfur compounds that potentially reduce tumor growth and stimulate the immune system to fight against cancer.

11. Consider adding strawberries or blueberries to your morning cereal. Berries are rich in antioxidant which helps neutralize free radicals that will potentially damage body cells and lead to cancer.

12. Exercise regularly. Exercising helps improve circulation, ward off stress and reduce the risk of cancer.

13. Stress can trigger cancer as well. While avoiding stress seems impossible, you can minimize it by exercising, engaging in relaxing activities, or interacting with other people.

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