How to Reduce Cervical Cancer Risks

How to Reduce Cervical Cancer Risks

Ever heard of pap smear tests? What about cervical cancer then? Yes, cervical cancers are categorized as a malignant type of cancer, which is capable of causing death. Its threat is equal to its common cancer counterpart, the breast cancer.

Women can take several simple steps to reduce their risk of developing cervical cancer. Small lifestyle adjustments, combined with medical care, go a long way in preventing cervical cancer.

1. Get screened regularly for the disease

Getting a regular pap smear test is a highly effective way to reduce your risk of cervical cancer. There are no other ways. Do this annually and pray for your safety. You have been warned.

2. Practise safe sex, always

There are no emotions to be used as excuses here. ‘HPV’ (virus responsible for causing the cancer) is a common sexually transmitted virus and is the primary cause of most this cancer. You can reduce the risk of being infected by using a condom during sexual intercourse. If you ever suspect amiss, then please get the morning after pill, to be safe rather than sorry afterwards in future.

3. Limit the number of your sexual partners

Having multiple sexual partners increases your risk of being infected by ‘HPV’.

4. Get immunised against ‘HPV’

Vaccination against the virus will reduce the risk of infections of types 16 and 18 (responsible for 70% of all cervical cancers) by high risk ‘HPV’. This vaccination can offer good protection against high risk strain for ‘pre’ cancerous changes to the cervix. ‘HPV’ vaccination is best suited for girls who are not yet sexually active. But, research has shown than the virus vaccination offers protection up to the age of 45 years of age.

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