Beating Skin Cancer – Food, PH, And Sun Exposure

Beating Skin Cancer – Food, PH, And Sun Exposure

Beating skin cancer in this country, is at times, a scary and perilous gamble. If the options are surgery or radiation, the light at the end of the tunnel might not look to bright. These things have prevalent risks involved, even when being done by seasoned professionals.

Well then what is it? Does sun exposure cause skin cancer?
Not necessarily. With an acidic body ph, high toxicity in the body, and a lack of nutrition, you are just asking for trouble.

What this disease looks like can vary. They can be in the form of discolored marks, blemishes, moles, or other abrasions. One also must realize that the sun isn’t necessarily the cause and determining factor of whether or not you will have skin cancer.

The American Institute of Cancer Research in Washington has stated that,”In addition to limiting your sun exposure, eating certain foods may help reduce your risk”, according to FitnessMagazine.com.

In a stunning study coming out of Italy chronicled inside the International Journal of Epidemiology, diet can be responsible for advancing your chances of avoiding these dangers.

Scientists have mentioned the diet of people in and near the Mediterranean tend to eat more plant based then people over on the western side of the world. This for example is what scientists are actually studying and discovering actually works to beat skin cancer and others.

The rays from the sun can transform your DNA. Before this can happen though, the dun damages skin cells that die and release free radicals. These in great numbers can help harbor safe and favorable environments for cancer growth.

In addition, a process called antiangiogensis can both fend off or help generate cancer cells if you know what you are doing. For the benefit of healing, the certain nutrients coming off of the plant based foods can act antagonistic towards cancer cells causing them to die. Certain monounsaturated fats such as olive oil also helps to release these antiangiogenic substances.

Beating skin cancer doesn’t have to set the stage for death and disaster. You should be able to get as much sun exposure as you want and still avoid skin cancer. Your system has to be nutritionally adequate inside for you to avoid most dangers from these diseases. Like all cancer, the right diet can make or break your cancer fight. The reason why the secrets about how to beat skin cancer have been hidden are because the nature of the cure cannot be patented, thus it is not marketable or profitable. Anyone can beat this disease from the inside out. The trick to beating sking cancer isn’t a trick at all, but historical fact.

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