Breast Cancer Information Every Woman Must Know

Breast Cancer Information Every Woman Must Know

With the rising numbers of breast cancer every year, women should take the effort to do their part in awareness and prevention. Knowing breast cancer information is the first step to prevention, as it helps you recognize and determine what you need to understand about this disease.

Breast cancer info should not be taken with a grain of salt – these have been researched and proven over years, and with the sheer number of women diagnosed with it each year it proves that we should do what we can to prevent it, and if you have it, to deal with it.

If cancer rings an alarm, you better know more about it. Here are some basics on cancer information you should know:

• Family history plays an important role in cancer info. If you have a family member who has had breast cancer or any other types of cancer, you are automatically placed at a higher risk.

• cancer information also says that most victims of breast cancer are women over 50, but nowadays it seems to be affecting even those in their thirties.

• There has also been shown to be a link with a woman’s reproductive history with hormones and breast cancer risk. Those who have developed their period before the age of 12, and who have children over 30 are shown to be at a higher risk, an important piece of cancer information that all women should know.

• Healthy physical activity and an active lifestyle is also a crucial part of breast cancer information. Estrogen levels have been linked to cancer development, and these are stored in fatty tissue. Reducing obesity and getting regular exercise will lower the fatty tissue in your body and may be able to reduce your risk.

• The use of antiperspirant deodorant has also been linked to cancer. This is because as the deodorant prevents the toxins in sweat to be released in the armpits, these clog up and are eventually deposited into the lymph nodes located in the armpit and near the breast. It’s recommended to use regular types of deodorant instead of antiperspirant, because it is important to the overall health and good functioning of the body to detoxify.

• As with all other types of cancer, for breast cancer information you should also take precaution when it comes to your lifestyle and environment. The food we eat, how we eat them, the air we breathe, and anything that we put into our body can contribute to the growth of cancer cells if they are toxic.

• Examination through a breast exam regularly will also identify cancer information while in its early stages. It’s best to do this right after your monthly period, when the breasts are tender.
Now that you know the crucial breast cancer information for prevention, it’s best to examine your lifestyle and the factors you can cross out which may contribute to your risk.

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