Metastatic Breast Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Metastatic Breast Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In women, breast cancer is the common type of cancer and it is affecting one out of eight women. At any time, this cancer may develop and the risk increases with developing of cancer as the women get older. In most of the post-menopausal women, it is common and with the increase in age will increase the risk as well.

When the cancer is spread beyond the breast, then it is said to be in metastatic state. This means that cancer has traveled from breast to another part of the body. The cells of cancer will travel through blood vessels or lymphatic system.


As of today, the breast cancer like any other forms of cancer is considered as one of the final outcomes of multiple hereditary and environmental factors. The risk of breast cancer will be increased by 70% in young people by inhaling the secondhand smoke and primarily menopausal women are affected by this.


So many fears are elicited by breast cancer including the ones that are related to surgery, loss of body image, death and loss of sexuality and however, if the breast caner is diagnosed earlier, then it is curable. Therefore, it always recommended doing a regular self screening of the body. Usually, the breast cancer will show thickening or lump in the breast tissues but not all the breast lumps are cancerous.

Often, the breast cancer will occur in left breast and also in the upper quadrant. Other than the lump, the indications of this cancer include skin dimpling, changes in breast shape and size, spontaneous discharge of single nipple or nipple inversion.


In order to treat the breast cancer, controversies are still raging all over the world. The options to treat the breast cancer include chemotherapy, surgery, herceptin, hormonal therapies, radiotherapy and other complementary treatments.

Whenever the tumor is localized, surgery is the mainstay of the treatment. Some of the surgeries include the possible hormonal therapy (with aromatase inhibitor or with the tamoxifen), radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

MammaPrint test is the first tests that became one of the first breast cancer predicator, which won the formal approval of the USFDA. This is a new type of gene test, which will predict whether women with the early stage of cancer will replace in about 5 to 10 years. This test will help to influence on how aggressively the tumor in the initial stages can be treated.

ILT (Interstitial Laser thermotherapy) is one of the innovative methods that are used to treat the breast cancer through minimal invasive manner. This method does not involve any surgical procedures. This procedure will not have any adverse effect on health and during the intermediate follow-up; the survival rate of the patient is high.

Routine mammography of the women aged more than 40 to 50 years is very much recommended by many science institutes. By doing so, if there is cancer, then it can be detected at the earlier stages and it can be treated effectively at early stages.

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