Preventing Lung Cancer With a Lung Detox

Preventing Lung Cancer With a Lung Detox

Smoking causes a host of illnesses but clearly one of the most serious and documented is lung cancer. It’s not exclusive to smokers but 9 out of 10 lung cancer deaths are from smoking cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Stopping smoking clearly is going to help to avoid getting lung cancer but this unfortunately is no certainty that an ex smoker will not at some point in the future get it. Because most of cancer causing chemical remain present in the lung structure for between 10 and 15 years after stopping smoking, the risk is ever present. The body will eventually get rid of these toxins naturally but it takes time.

Having been a heavy smoker for 25 years, it was this fact that concerned me the most. Just how much damage had I already caused my lungs and how would I know that at some point over the future years I wasn’t going to die of lung cancer? It actually made stopping smoking even harder for me because this negative thought was almost enough to make me start again. Was it too late for me anyway?

My partner had managed to quit smoking about a year before me, and bless her, she had never tried to get me to stop. She would have liked me to but she always been of the mind that I would stop when I was ready to stop! When she quit though she immediately put herself on a lung detoxification, within the first few days, which was designed to remove the toxins. She swore by it and was convinced that it not only reduced her cravings for cigarettes but that it also was a guard against getting lung cancer in the future. With her positive experience in mind it’s what I also decided to do.

The lung detox clears the harmful toxins from the lungs at an accelerated pace, in fact weeks and months as opposed to years. Physically, you can begin to develop the early stages of lung cancer at the very outset of taking up smoking because you are exposing your body to powerful carcinogens. However the length of time you have been a smoker certainly has an impact on the chances of developing lung cancer. What happens is that the lungs begin to create abnormal cells and it’s some of these that can turn cancerous. By removing the toxins that effect these cells the lungs can start to replace them with normal healthy cells and so cut down the chance of cancer developing. This is exactly how a lung detox works.

Personally I would say to anyone packing in smoking to do things right, detox the lungs as soon as you can. It’s never too late though so even if you’ve left it months or years then I’m sure you will still give yourself the peace of mind that you are probably avoiding lung cancer.

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