Lung Cancer Cure

Lung Cancer Cure

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, there is no doubt in my mind that you are searching for all possible cures for lung cancer. It is best not to jump on the first one you find. When trying to defeat lung cancer, the best method is understanding your individual condition, and then finding out which treatment will best cure your condition. This will most effectively cure your lung cancer and will give you the best chance of survival.

First step-

The first step in finding your lung cancer cure is understanding your particular case. Obviously, your doctor is going to be one of the best people to talk to this about. After observation and several tests and screenings, your doctor should be able to give you a detailed description of what exactly is going on inside your body, where the cancer is, and what stage you are in. Listen to your doctor’s recommendations and do some research yourself.

Second step-

Next, you need to understand treatment options. There are surgery, drug and radiation therapies, and alternative methods for people suffering from severe cancer and are diagnosed with stage III or IV lung cancer.

Surgical options:

* Wedge resection-removal of a wedged portion of the lung to remove the tumor or cancer cells

* Lobectomy- removal of the entire lobe within the lung to remove all cancer infected areas

* Pneumonectomy- removal of the entire lung to decrease the chances of reoccurring cancer


* Chemotherapy- medications used to kill cancer cells

* Radiation therapy- beams used to kill cancer cells

For Stage III or Stage IV patients

* Targeted drug therapies- medications that are used to stop the cancer cells from dividing and to stop the tumor from growing

* Clinical trials- Doctor’s most recent theories on how to cure lung cancer but are not yet proved. You can do this and be a part of finding a cure for lung cancer.

* Supportive care- the cancer is no longer treated and you are made as comfortable as possible through care. You can enjoy the last months of your life this way.

Third step

After surgery and treatment you must allow yourself to have recovery time. Recovery time ensures that you are healing properly. After these extensive treatments it is very important you attend follow-up appointments with your doctor. Your doctor may run tests and x-rays to make sure you are staying healthy and to keep an eye out for reoccurring cancer.

Fourth step

Mental recovery is just as important as physical recovery. Having lung cancer can be mentally draining, and it is helpful to hear encouraging words. Join a cancer support group. You can share your inspiring stories with others, plus you can hear other’s stories as well. Being a part of a group of people that understand where you have been is important during this time. Family is also a great support group. Keep your family close to you after your diagnosis, during your surgery, and during recovery. Stay positive and enjoy life, best of luck to you!

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