Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Prevention and Nutrition Tips

Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Prevention and Nutrition Tips

The survival rate of people with lung cancer in comparison to the general population relative to 5-year lung cancer survival rate varies from 5% to 16% internationally.

There are some factors influence lung cancer survival rate. The stage it is at when diagnosed, condition of the patient is playing the main role in determining survival. Cancer survival is usually expressed in terms of a five-year survival rate, which is the percentage of patients with cancer who survive at least five years after their cancer is diagnosed.

Obviously, there is a way to prevent cancer from even entering your life. There is a method through which you can actually completely prevent cancer and we can forget about “Lung Cancer Survival Rate” discussion here. It isn’t difficult to endure, either it is just as simple as eating apricot seeds.

One of the nutrition facts to prevent Lung Cancer and improve Survival Rate is taking apricot seeds. Apricot is quite popular in the United States, both fresh and dried. However, the important nutrition formula that can prevent cancer and help cancer patient is the seeds-also called apricot kernels that can prevent cancer. If you eat a certain amount per day (typically about 7 grams per day, though that can vary), the apricot seeds can truly prevent you from getting cancer.

What is so special about Apricot seeds?

Apricot seeds have a special nutrient inside called amygdalin, which is also known as B17. Inside the amygdalin is locked away cyanide. This is a dangerous toxin; however, this poison stays locked away unless the amygdalin comes into contact with a cancer cell.

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There is a special enzyme that works to unlock the amygdalin and release the cyanide from cancer cells. The cyanide then does its job of destroying the cancer cells. Normal body cells don’t have this enzyme to unlock the cyanide; normal cells have a different enzyme that instead unlocks the amygdalin and releases its nutrients as well as a neutralizing agent that destroys any cyanide that it contacts.

Because our bodies are constantly producing cancerous cells, eating apricot seeds on a daily basis is what allows the seeds to prevent cancer. A one-time dosage of apricot seeds wouldn’t help much-in order to really prevent cancer, apricot seeds need to be ingested every single day.

Apricot B17 fact: We thing can improve Lung Cancer Survival Rate!!! Apricot seeds contain natural B17 (laetrile), other enzymes, vitamins and beneficial minerals. B17 will definitely attack a cancer cell, if it is present in your body.

Many world’s top scientists claim that when consumed, the B17 would make it 100% impossible to develop cancer. Many world’s top scientists claim that Vitamin B17 will kill existing cancer in most cases. Lung Cancer Survival Rate Improves. Vitamin B17 assists your body to cure cancer with protein digesting enzymes supplied by the pancreas. Lung Cancer Survival Rate Improves.

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