Vomiting of Blood in Esophageal Cancer

Vomiting of Blood in Esophageal Cancer

Vomiting of blood is called as hematemesis in medical terms. Vomiting of blood could be because of any major or minor health problems. The blood found in vomit can be in minimal amounts or in larger amounts. Vomiting of blood can be caused by peptic ulcer, stomach cancer, disease and due to anti inflammatory nonsteroidal ulcers and drugs. Other causes for blood in vomit might be due to esophageal varices, Mallory weiss tear, hereditary telangiectasia and gastritis. Some medicines prescribed for curing vomiting blood includes ranitidine, tagamet, cimetidine and zantac.

Vomiting of blood in disease is considered as a main symptom. Esophageal cancers are developed in the lining of the cell wall due to extensive use of tobacco, alcohol, infections of certain kind, disorders and various other types of cancers and exhibit typical symptoms including weight loss, swallowing difficulty and pain. The diagnosis of disease is based on the findings of endoscopy. Almost all types of esophageal cancers tend to be fatal as they are only found in the advanced stages. Chemotherapy, surgery and other types of therapies might help in relieving the symptoms like vomiting of blood in esophageal cancer.

The disease can be developed in any place of the esophagus and can narrow the esophagus tube as flat plaques or lumps or as fistula or abnormal connection between the airways which supply air to the lungs and esophagus. Apart from the normal types (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma), rare esophageal types include esophagus’s smooth muscle cancer or leiomyosarcomas and cancer which spreads from and to anywhere of the body called metastatic cancer.

Nearly fifty thousand people are affected by disease every year and the number is raising day by day and is found more in men than in women. Studies have revealed the fact that adenocarcinoma is found commonly among white skinned people and squamous cell carcinoma among black skinned people. People already suffering from esophageal disorders like esophageal webs or plummer Vinson syndrome, achalasia or strictures because of swallowing corrosive food stuff like lye might also develop esophageal cancer. Repeated backflow of acid in to the stomach called as gastroesophageal reflux can cause prolonged irritation and also a precancerous health condition known as barrett’s esophagus. Even though the development of disease from barrett’s esophagus was rare, it is now becoming prevalent.

Early symptoms and stages of disease can go unnoticed as they might be misunderstood for throat infection or irritation of a normal kind. After some time even swallowing of soft food items can become difficult and then even saliva and liquid swallowing would become hard. This is the main reason for weight loss as sufferers might not be eating good quantities of food. Some might even get chest pain. Spreading of cancerous cells to the intestines might result in vomiting of blood and stools with blood.

Natural Remedies:

There are certain natural remedies that offer a promising cure for esophageal cancer. Along with the natural remedies and a well-researched different diet pattern, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your efforts for prolonging the life for several years.

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