Research Shows Vegetarians Get Cancer Less Often Than Meat Eaters

Research Shows Vegetarians Get Cancer Less Often Than Meat Eaters

Scientists at Oxford studied over 61,000 subjects for more than 12 years. Of those research participants, 3,350 got a cancer diagnoses during that time. Ultimately, the research results showed that stomach, bladder, and blood cancers occurred less in vegetarians than in meat eaters. In particular, vegetarians had a 45% less risk of developing blood cancers like leukemia, myeloma, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The Oxford study looked at the risks of 20 cancers and compared vegetarians to meat eaters disregarding factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and weight which they acknowledge could also affect the possibility of developing cancer. The research team believes that the significance of their research findings show a great need for further study to understand the relationship between diet and cancer risk. They are especially interested in the link between blood cancer and diet.

We all understand how eating a balanced and healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat, high fiber and limited amounts of salt, red meat, and saturated fat create a state of optimal nutritious wellness in our bodies. Large amounts of red meat consumption may cause stomach cancer so it would understandably follow that vegetarians get those types of cancers less often.

But what is the link between a vegetarian diet and the lower risk for blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma? The Cancer Research UK scientists at Oxford intend to continue to study the connection between diet and cancer risks. In the meantime, follow the best health advice that is out there and eat a balanced and healthy diet with little or no meat. Remember to fuel your regenerative processes and your energy with fresh fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors that give you the full spectrum of necessary nutrients. Eat lots of good fiber and remember to keep your salt intake low. All of these factors are necessary to the health of your body and certainly contribute to lower occurrences of disease like cancer and many others!

Your physical and mental health relies on the kinds of fuel and building blocks that you provide for it every day.

Focusing on a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle will ensure that you stay in a state of optimal health. You don’t have to wait for researchers to tell you why a healthy diet prevents cancer just go ahead and do it!

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