How to Avoid Cancer With a Better Lifestyle

How to Avoid Cancer With a Better Lifestyle

Cancer is a disease which can occur in any part of our body. It is generally caused when body cells in a particular region starts multiplying and grows more in number than required by that organ. These multiple cells take the form of a tumor. Cancer causing factors may be hereditary or a person’s eating habit and lifestyle. Hence it becomes essential for everybody to make a change in one’s eating habit and daily routine to ensure prevention of cancer.

The first and foremost thing to be done is to drastically reduce the intake of junk food. Processed and junk foods add empty calories. Eatables like burger, pizza, wafers, French fries etc have very high salt content which increases the sodium level of our body leading to cancer in future. Where as sweet tasting junk foods add excessive calories. Processed food like bread, salami, luncheon meat, sausages etc should also not be eaten much. Energy drinks and sweet processed juices are a strict no.

It is very essential to improve ones dietary habits for ensuring a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables in either raw or lightly cooked form should be taken at least 5 times in a day in small portions. Salad has to be eaten 4 times a week. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, fibrous foods, fruits, unprocessed sugar should be a daily affair.

The most important change to be brought for prevention of cancer is to do physical workouts. It is very essential to workout everyday for 30mins either by going for a walk, swim, jogging or cycling five times in a week to stay healthy. If the workout lasts for 60-90 minutes then it further reduces the risk of cancer. Exercising helps maintain ones body weight and avoid obesity or overweight problem. Researches and study show that obesity leads to diabetes and hypertension and cancer too. Breast cancer post menopause is very common in obese women. For men it can lead to rectum, colon and stomach cancer. It is advisable to walk up the steps and avoid vehicles while going somewhere close by.

One has to also take care of alcohol and smoking. Alcohol should be consumed moderately as excessive consumption could lead to pancreatic, oral, stomach, rectum, colon cancer. Smoking of any kind is a strictly prohibited as it leads to lung and oral cancer. In women alcohol and cigarettes, both have been found culprit for breast cancer.

There are basic things like 5 liters of water per day, avoidance of excessive caffeine, staying away from red meat etc which have to be taken care of.

Sleep too has been vaguely related to cancer. Proper sleep is very essential as the body is much more active and digestion too is proper if we have an 8 hour sleep. However in today’s competitive world late nights and rave parties seem to be a craze. But knowing all the pros and cons and drawbacks of this lifestyle it is sensible to maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle would assure us long and tension free life.

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