Cancer Prevention – How to Stay Away From Cancer With a Healthy Diet

Cancer Prevention – How to Stay Away From Cancer With a Healthy Diet

Staying fit and healthy should be a mantra of life to prevent all kinds of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer etc. cancer is a very serious disease which at times turns fatal if not detected at early stages. The occurrence of this disease can be prevented by taking few measures.

The foremost step to be taken is of changing ones eating habit. Nutritious food should be included in daily meal for staying healthy. Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, Kale, Brussels sprouts which are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibers should be included. Tomatoes rich in vitamin c should be taken along with the morning breakfast of eggs, carrot rich in beta carotene has anti oxidant properties which acts on free radicals of the cancerous cells and prevents their multiplication.

Green leafy vegetables, soy, tofu etc should be a part of our meal. However one has to consider that excessive intake of nutrition also leads to cancer hence we must have balanced meal. Vegetables should be taken in raw, boiled or lightly saute form as cookie is believed to destroy the nutritional property of the food.

Fruits are another rich source of vitamins and minerals which have anti-cancerous properties. Grapefruits, oranges rich in vitamin C help get rid of carcinogens from the body. Papaya is another fruit which prevents the absorption of nitrosamines from soil or processed food which are cancerous. Fresh fruit juices are also very beneficial. However care must be taken to choose fresh, organically grown fruits. The packaged fruit juices should be avoided as they have unnecessary high sugar are rich in calories and have non existent nutritional value.

Fibrous food such as bran, whole wheat, pulses, apple, and peaches should be eaten daily. This helps avoid bowel, colon, rectum, stomach cancer. Processed foods like bread, luncheon meat, salami, potato wafers should be taken in minimal quantity. These food items are rich in salt and fatty acids. Their nutritional value is zero. They cause obesity which further leads to cancer in stomach, colon, kidney, gall bladder, pancreas etc.

Salt and sugar should be taken in moderation. Excessive sodium intake is not healthy and so is excessive sugar which adds empty calories. Read meat like beef, lamb, and pork should be taken once a week in less quantity. Non vegetarians should include more of fish in their daily diet as it has anti cancerous benefits. Fish oil is also meant to reduce risk of cancer. Water intake should be increased to flush out toxins from the body.

Alcohol consumption should be in moderation as excessive intake leads to oral cancer and cancer of throat, larynx, and lymph etc. smokers should be extra careful and should cut down on smoking.

Being healthy is the most essential thing for a happy living. Few preventions and added care can assure a long life for an individual. Hence one should take care to eat healthy diet in moderation and exercising daily. Binge on junk food but once in a while.

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