The Three Best Preventions of Colon Cancer

The Three Best Preventions of Colon Cancer

I still remember the day when I received the phone call that one of our friends had died from stomach cancer. We had only been out of college for a year. My friend had experienced a series of stomach aches in the spring of that year and had gone to the doctor to get everything checked out, thinking it was a minor virus that would pass. He received news that he had stage 4 colon cancer and would have only months to live. Tragically, the doctors proved to be right, and my friend passed a few months later at age 23.

Would you agree that cancer is the single scariest disease affecting our planet today? I tell this story because ever since this happened to my friend, colon cancer has been at the forefront of my mind. I know there are no cures out there yet, but there are certainly ways to help prevent it as many researchers have found out. I would love to educate people about what I have found out with hopes that it could potentially save lives. In the research that I’ve done, there are many different suggestions for preventions of colon cancer, but I will briefly discuss the three major ones below.

Healthy Diet
It is very important to eat several small meals throughout the day to avoid becoming too hungry and indulging in large, high-fat meals that damage our digestive system. Research shows that foods with whole grains and lots of fiber are very beneficial. Eating raw veggies and lots of fruit helps give our body the nutrients it needs to be healthy and hopefully cancer-free.

Regular Exercise
Exercise is important no matter what your goal is. Whether you want to lose weight or prevent cancer, or just simply boost your metabolism, then you need to incorporate some kind of exercise program in your daily routine. Getting your heart rate up and your blood flowing has been proven to improve your overall mental and physical health, and this can lead to the prevention of many diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis.

Colon Cleanse
Colon detox is something that is being talked about more and more as not only a beneficial health solution but a necessary one. Colon cleansing supplements use probiotics and other herbal ingredients to flush harmful parasites out of the intestinal tract. By cleansing your body free of toxins and dangerous bacteria you can be sure you are taking the right precautions to do your best to prevent colon cancer.

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