The Benefits of Black and Green Tea in the Prevention of Cancer

The Benefits of Black and Green Tea in the Prevention of Cancer

Rising clinical studies recommend that polyphenols found in tea, can play essential role in cancer prevention. Researchers also consider that polyphenols help in eradicating cancer cells and end their development.

Here are some lists of cancer ailments which can be prevented with the aid of green and black tea:

Pancreatic cancer – In a large-level clinical study researchers discovered that persons who drank the tea were less susceptible to the development of pancreatic cancer as compared to people who do not drink tea at all. It was found out also that women who drank more green tea were less likely to have cancer of the pancreas as compared those who imbibed less amount of tea.

Men who also drank most quantity of tea were thirty seven percent less possible to acquire pancreatic cancer. However, it is unclear from the population-based research whether it is really the tea that responsible in the reduction in the risk of pancreatic cancer. Additional studies in people and animals are necessary before researchers may suggest green and black tea in the prevention of pancreatic tumor.

Prostate cancer – It has been discovered in laboratory studies that extracts from green tea prevent the development of tumor cells in the test tubes. In a big clinical study done in Southeast China it was found out by researchers that the dangers of prostate tumor declined having rising frequency, length of time, and quantity in the consumption of green tea. However, the extracts of both the black and green tea have stimulated the gens that caused cells to become less responsive to chemotherapy drugs. Because of this possible interaction, people who are receiving chemotherapy are advised not to drink green and black tea, including extracts from these teas.

Skin cancer – Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the major polyphenol found in green tea. Scientific studies recommend that EGCG as well as polyphenol have anti-hemorrhagic and anticancer features that can help avoid the onset and development of skin cancers.

Further scientific studies are ongoing to verify to the veracity that green tea aids in reducing the dangers of stomach tumors. Even though it has been found not to be dangerous for persons at risk of stomach cancer, it is not yet the appropriate time to tell if green tea really reduces the possibility of having the ailment.

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