7 Tips to Prevent Cervical Cancer

7 Tips to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a disease that is dangerous and frightening for women. Cervical cancer is preventable but still there are thousands if not millions of women in the world diagnosed with this disease. To avoid this disease there are several ways of prevention can be taken include:

1. Do the best inspection

Many cases of cervical cancers caused by HPV infection, is a type of virus that attacks through sexual intercourse. There are about 90% of HPV recover without treatment. Conversely, if not, will be potentially the formation of cancer cells.

To detect these cells, Pap smear examination is still the standard. But some research revealed that screening for HPV can more easily stop the cancer. If the HPV test results show positive, your doctor will consider more carefully about the changes in the cervix and remove precancerous cells that may exist.

2. Avoid Smoking

Cigarette smoke can weaken the body’s defenses so that HPV infection can last longer in women who smoke compared with nonsmokers. Besides that, you must also belief smoking can cause other diseases that also harmful to health.

3. Use a lubricant intimate organs

Use of organs intimate lubricant made from carrageen an, a thickener compound derived from seaweed can stop the HPV survive in healthy cells.

4. Eat broccoli and their relatives

Plant compounds in broccoli, cauliflower and so may help the cells that are infected with HPV self-destruction. This method is very natural to kill cells that are not healthy, so reducing the risk of this disease.

5. Perform routine inspection Pap smear

Always consult with your doctor. There is a possibility you are advised to undergo examination Pap smear every year or every 3 years, depending on your risk factor for cervical cancer. Consult with your doctor in more detail about what you feel and the things that must be done to reduce the risk of this disease.

6. HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccine can help prevent this disease. For more details, ask your doctor to get more detailed information about the vaccine HPV.

7. Know more about cervical cancer

Find out information about cervical cancer; you can do this by looking for information on the Internet, newspapers, television or through forums, seminars and others. By knowing more about it, you will certainly understand how the ways to avoid and prevent this disease and may help your relatives or friends they are challenged to communicate to the dangers of this disease.

Perform prevention of this disease early so that you can avoid these dangerous diseases. Please visit our other articles related to cervical cancer in the blog / website about cervical cancer.

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