About Detection Tool: Cervical Cancer Detection Tool

About Detection Tool: Cervical Cancer Detection Tool

Cancer is the most deadly disease until today. The reason is because the patients do not aware if they have cancer in their body. In Fact, cancer can be detected earlier. On of the most deadly cancer for women is cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer attacks women in their reproductive area. From year to year cancer’s patients are increased. In 2002, around four hundred thousand women suffer from this disease. Every day around 40 people are cancer suffered including women with their cervical cancer.

It would be better for the women to check their reproduction organ’s health regularly. It should be done by all women whether they have done their first sexual intercourse, married even for a single woman. It is important since women are not aware that they have suffered this disease. The purpose is to prevent and detect the cancer’s cell. The earlier the cancer is detected the bigger the chance to cure it. All oncologists stated that cervical cancer is the most treatable diseases so it will be better if the disease is detected earlier. By checking your organ to the doctor regularly, you have prevented your self from cervical cancer.

Detecting the presence of cancer cells in the body is recommended by every doctor. Early stage of this cancer can be detected by Pap smear test. This method is used to detect the earlier stage of the cancer or the change of the cervix. This tool is found by Papa George Nicolaou in 1924s. Then, it broadly used in 1949.

The patients will be checked in lithotomic position. The doctor will take a sample of the cervix using aylesbury spatula. This method is very affordable for all women. Even though you have done the test but it would be better if you check it regularly. This article describes Pap smear as detection tool and method for cervical cancer.

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