Cervical Cancer Vaccines – A General Insight

Cervical Cancer Vaccines – A General Insight

Cervical cancer has been eating away a huge number of women. To be particular about 4000 women die each year due to cervical cancer. The number is growing frivolously, but thanks to the vaccine that has been discovered to fight Virus (HPV or Human Papillovirusa). Worst part of being faced with this cancer is that it forms in teenagers or women in their early twenties. However, it is only in the later stage of life that one realises its deadliness as it is a slower killer and a smooth operator. For it begins along the cervix’s lining and then connect the uterus, this process takes a good amount of years before it completely. Jade Goody, controversial realty TV star raised awareness about this cancer and people have now started seeking more and more correct information of HPV.

If you are mother of a teenage daughter, here is what you always wanted to know about cervical cancer vaccine before giving it to your daughter.

How is HPV transmitted?

It is a most common sexually transmitting virus that gets passed on by oral, anal and genital sex. If one gets infected and her immune system is strong enough, the infection can be cleared in 2 years flat. However, if her body is coupled with some other disorder chances of this infection growing at decent speed arises. In Damages caused by HPV virus causes cancer. Now couple of vaccines are available as a precautionary measure which young girls need to be consumed before they begin their coital relationship.


This cancer can be diagnosed with certain number of tests. See your doctor to get yourself tested on them.

How vaccines operate and when to take the shot?

· Currently available vaccines are Gardasil and Cervarix.

· They induct antigens which are added to the immune system and are responsible to protect the body against certain cancer causing viruses and its strains.

· It stops any cancerous viruses to do damage to your system and if they already exist in your body, then it will stop it from multiplying.

· You have to take three shots of this vaccine. Gap between the first and second should 1 month, while between second and three should be four months.

· It shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women or new mothers who are breastfeeding

Does it have any side effect?

Just like any other vaccine, HPV vaccine also shows side effects that one must be prepared to face, which include: pain and swelling around the injected area which can be relieved by apply ice. Some have suffered diarrhea and blisters around the injected area.

When to get vaccine, ideally?

Before one becomes sexually active, she should be vaccine. For in certain cases it was observed that it was too late to vaccine women for they had already acquired this dangerous cancer.

Currently, the activists and health specialists are targeting the young girls between the age group of 12-15 years, just when they are attaining their puberty. It is available in most of the clinics.

How long will the vaccine be effective?

The last updated study shows that its effect lasts for five years. It will be few years before one can mention confidently about how long the effect will last, for the vaccines are hardly half a decade old. Coming years will show how long many cervical cancer cases have been reduced by this vaccine

Will it still call for medical check up?

Of course! Remember no vaccine or medicine is full proof and hence, one always needs to undergo smears, physical examination and complete body check up to make sure that you are in a fit shape all the time. Also, it helps to detect any early beginning of a chronic disorder.

It is time to add this vaccine on your must-give-vaccines-for-your-child. To be on safer side, give her early on when she is just entering her puberty.

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