Cervical Cancer – 3 Ways Detect it Early

Cervical Cancer – 3 Ways Detect it Early

In the previous years, women aged 60 and above were the ones most prone to cervical cancer. But with the 2009 report, an alarming 58% of these cases were women within the age range of 40 and 50 years old only. With such stats, it is therefore important to know the signs of cervical carcinoma so that its symptoms can be contained. Advanced cases of this type of medical condition can become invasive, which means that there is a very good chance that the cancer cells will afflict surround tissues and muscles as well.

So what are the most common signs of cervical cancer?

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding. Abnormal bleeding or signs of unusual blood spotting is one of the more common signs of the pre-cancer stages of the cervix. It may come in various forms like: blood spotting between menstrual periods, bouts of heavy and light menstruation, vaginal bleeding after sex, blood spotting after the menopausal stage and even vaginal bleeding after douching. In some cases, the woman may experience unusual discharge between menstruation’s.

2. Pain during sexual intercourse. Vaginal bleeding is often preceded by pain during sexual intercourse. This may be due to the increased sensitivity or inflammation of the tissues and muscles of the cervix. In advanced stages, pain in this area is an indication that the cancer cells have already spread out to the surrounding areas.

3. Pain during normal bodily functions. Two other signs of cervical cancer include pain during peeing and bowel movement. Pain brought about by UTI or urinary tract infection is another indication that the muscles of the reproductive system is on a hyper sensitive stage.

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