Breast Cancer is Possible – Learn to Identify Early Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer is Possible – Learn to Identify Early Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Health-conscious women all over the world are naturally going to be surprised to know that one out of 10 women suffers from breast cancer in the US. Well, you think, you did not know that it was so common. Unfortunately, it is true. Fortunately, it can be cured, if caught in the early stages, like other cancers.

Some of the well-known people suffering from this horrible disease include Olivia Newton John, Shirley Temple Black, and Kylie Minogue. In the former 2 cases, the cancerous lump was detected and they underwent mastectomy as part of the treatment. But that was because they allowed the possible breast cancer symptom of a lump to be disregarded and did not go in to consult with their doctor for immediate treatment. Kylie Minogue is still undergoing treatment, because she recognized the symptoms and got it diagnosed.

Your best way of battling breast cancer is to prevent it. That is of course by looking at the risk factors, which might cause cancer. For example, you have a close family member like a sister or a mother suffering from breast cancer. You need to go to a doctor regularly to make sure that your chances of contracting the disease is minimized at the very beginning. That also means that you are going to be on the lookout for possible breast cancer symptoms.

Some women have also inherited 2 genes known as BRCA1 and BRCA2. These women are more susceptible to breast cancer. They need to get the treatment done in the initial stages itself, so they have to be on the lookout for symptoms of this cancer.

So, naturally, you are on the lookout for all the possible breast cancer symptoms, which might forecast the prospective onset of this dread disease. These symptoms include an unexplained lump, which may be hard or tender, in the breast. You may possibly also find this lump underneath your armpit. You also need to look for other cancer symptoms like the skin getting red and itchy. You may find one breast swelling abnormally. That is because the cancerous cells in the body are absorbing all the blood supplied to the breast region.

Some of these cancer symptoms are definitely not painful in the initial stages. Nevertheless, there are some cells, which are growing in an unusual manner and are showing up in symptoms form. This sort of growth, whether benign or malign, needs to be checked up by your physician as soon as possible.

Cancer tests are normally done in the form of a mammogram, where an x-ray of the breast area is done to see the presence of the cancerous cells and possible metastasis (spread of the disease.) If the cancer is in its initial stages, it is going to be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. So that means you cannot afford to disregard any symptoms which may foresee the onset of cancer. A proper diagnosis and immediate treatment is going to check the metastasis and prevent the cancer from spreading. So, if you see any of these symptoms given above, go in for a thorough checkup right now.

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