Skin Cancer – Why Skin Cancer Is So Prevalent Today

Skin Cancer – Why Skin Cancer Is So Prevalent Today

Perhaps you have noticed the growing number of people who are getting skin cancer these days? Are you surprised that there are a multitude of them despite all the efforts to prevent it? These questions have surely prompted you to ask the question about “why skin cancer is so prevalent today”. Yes, it can be quite puzzling considering the countless of prophylactic techniques people use to avoid getting the disease. These include having to buy the most expensive sun block lotions to ward off the harmful effects of the UV rays, staying out of the sun as much as possible to not cause damage in their skin and wearing long sleeves on a scorching day just so they can protect their skin from getting burned. Here are a few other things that you may want to know about why skin cancer is so prevalent today:

1. Poor Diet Or Nutritional Deficiency
Lack of a healthy diet is actually the culprit in this condition or in any other type of cancer. For this, you will need to be more selective of the food you eat. Otherwise, if you will be so carefree about the food you consume; at the same time, you keep exposing yourself to extreme heat conditions when unnecessary, you are actually in effect, rendering yourself to the risks of developing skin cancer in no time. To combat or prevent cancer of the skin, make eating a lot of vegetables and fruits your daily habit.

2. Lack Of Exercise
Living a sedentary life is another triggering factor of skin cancer. If you do not have any activity or exercise to make you move about, you are in effect, slowing down not just your rate of metabolism but at the same time your defense or immune system. As a result, you tend to attract more illnesses which can have a big impact on your physical condition and overall health and wellness.

3. Too Much Emotional Stress
Did you know that emotional stress is also another factor that can greatly contribute to developing cancer of the skin? Yes, when you are down and distressed, or you are flooded with problems, or perhaps you are going through a financial or business crisis, make sure that you still find other means to laugh, smile and be active. Otherwise, with a weakened system, you may suddenly get struck with this type of cancer or perhaps another kind of cancer for that matter.

4. The Kind Of Life Style
Last but not least, some of the reasons “why skin cancer is so prevalent today” is due to the fact that a myriad of people continue to patronize processed foods which have very high content of salt, refined sugar, and fats. What is more, a lot of the cosmetic products that people use these days have toxic chemicals in them which are known for being carcinogenic or cancer-causing. To make sure that you get rid of all those toxins, exercise. After all; exercise is known to boost one’s defense and immune system to fight off skin cancer more effectively!

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