BEC5 Skin Cancer

BEC5 Skin Cancer

You can cure skin cancer with the help of treating it with eggplants. Treatments with eggplants revealed amazing results. So try out this alternative medicine instead of regular surgical procedures.

Do you believe it that there is a product which will help you survive skin cancer not only for a year or two but for a lifetime. You can see the success within three months. There are lot of cases which will prove this statement. This product does not harm healthy cells.

This research has been conducted by Royal Hospital London and not by some private company. But medical fraternity is not taking it very seriously. Only one doctor is convinced about its effects. He was convinced that taking help of Mother Nature is the best way to cure skin cancer. He was bent on changing things incorporated in modern medicine.

It is hard to believe that an extract of eggplant is very effective in curing skin cancer. Some researchers know this for around 20 years. It was Jonathan Wright who published this truth and accepted it. A research was conducted by Royal Hospital London which used a form of extract of an eggplant and this was termed as BEC5. In this experiment the doctors took into consideration both invasive and non invasive non-melanoma skin cancer. They were surprised by the end results. These results showed better performance than surgical procedures. By this process it was ensured that cancer does not make a comeback. Chemotherapy or other treatment procedures do not guarantee of the recurrence of cancer. This is considered as a major breakthrough in treatments for cancer.

Thus, it has become necessary to go through this non invasive procedure. In this regard we have to undertake a study of how an eggplant works as a miracle in curing skin cancer. Eggplant is an alkaline food. BEC5 works effectively because it contains a plant sugar called rhamnose. BEC5 recognizes rhamnose and binds it to the cancer cell.

The endogenous lectins enter the cancer cell and destroy them. This process produces a minimum side effect. You will find that your skin has become red. You can also experience shedding of unwanted skin cells. Your skin which is affected is required to be washed off with mild antiseptic. Be very careful and avoid contact with your eyes.

The treatment with this eggplant ranges from a period of 7 – 60 days. The success is dependent on the continuous application of this medicine. This treatment should not be used by those patients who are allergic to eggplants. It is also to be noted that application of BEC5 is forbidden on moles.

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