Know the Risks of Getting Breast Cancer

Know the Risks of Getting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer today is affecting a number of women throughout the world. With this, it is very important for everyone to know the risks of acquiring breast cancer. The following are the risk factors that would make a woman get cancer.

First of all, the risk of getting cancer is increased with age. This means that as a woman ages, the chances of developing cancer is also increased. This is the reason that most women would get cancer around the age 60s and above.

The next risk factor is inheritance. The risk of getting breast cancer is increased if the patient has family members that also have breast cancer. The chance also increases if that family member had the cancer around 40s. At the same time, the genes that can make a woman be more susceptible to ovarian and breast cancer can also be passed to the patient from their family.

Lack of physical activities may also increase the risk of women getting cancer. With this, it is very important for women to have several physical activities in order to improve their health.

Abnormal cells of the breast will also increase the risk of acquiring cancer. Breasts may look very normal on the external. However, looking it through the microscope may reveal that the breasts have abnormal cells.

The next risk factor in getting cancer is the medical history of the patient. For example, if the patient already had a past medical occurrence of breast cancer, then the chances of getting the same disease on her other breast are high as well.

Being exposed to radiation also increases the probability of developing cancer. Radiation has the ability to mutate and damage the cells and thus promote the growth or carcinomas or cancerous breast cells. Radiation therapies together with young age will make them develop cancer upon aging.

Race can also be indicative of an increased chance of developing cancer. For example, statistics show that Caucasian women are more likely to have breast cancer than those other women around the world.

Vices like too much alcohol and tobacco will also increase the risk of acquiring cancer. The reason for this is that these toxins will make the cancer cells develop more than it should.

However, there is one risk factor that has been believed to be increasing the probability of getting cancer. This is the connection between breast cancer and induced abortion. Some people that a woman who has undergone induced abortion will likely develop cancer. However, the American Cancer Society and other institution have stated that linking breast cancer to abortion is not possible. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who believe in this hypothesis.

The good thing about knowing these risk factors is that you may do several things in order to avoid this problem. For example, growing old may require you to take more caution when it comes to your health. With this, you will free yourself from having this disease that is considered to be one of the most usual diseases among women.

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