Cancema Skin Cancer

Cancema Skin Cancer

Cancema, the black salve. Sounding like something out of a nightmare or a horror book, cancema is rather considered by many to be a tremendous combatant against skin cancer. It is interesting to note that it is used not only to combat skin cancer in people but in their pets as well.

Cancema is completely natural. Also known as bloodroot, cancema is a medication that history points to as having been used by Native Americans to fight skin cancer It is primarily known to have been used for this purpose by the Abanaki tribes on the upper east coast, the Ojibwe tribes, living near Lake Superior and the Cherokee tribes, living further to the south. For this reason, cancema is also known as Indian mud

By whatever name it is known, it is believed by many to be one of the best healers of skin cancer.

Many people who have used Cancema, are at first horrified by the way it seems to work. The moles or whatever form of skin cancer upon which it is put react in what is by site a horrific way. The areas turn into pussing, oozing sores, then they heal up, leaving deep cavities in their place. As terrible as these seem, the, the deep cavities heal and the skin smooths over, As the skin cancer seems to be healed, those people who were at first repulsed and offended by the appearance of the healing area, become amongst the biggest supporters of Cancema.

Upon applying the Cancema to the cancerous areas, it is important to cover the area with some sort of bandaging. A soft, cotton wrap is often recommended. White is the best, to avoid any dye getting into the open wounds. Some people take a white sock and cut the foot part off and pull the sock up over the bandaging, taping the sock right to the bandaging. It is important to remember not to put tape upon the skin itself.

Cancema in the form in which it can be purchased, is made from the bloodroot and from ginger combined, both in their natural states.

More and more in today’s world, people are leaving what we know as traditional medicines in favor of their natural counterparts. Are they making wise decisions? Only time will tell and then we will always wonder, “Well would it have healed anyway?”

Cancema is viewed by many to be one of the best combatants in the world against different forms of skin cancer. If you consider using it, investigate wisely. Talk to your doctor, talk to those who have used it in the past. Get their impressions and then make your decision. Is the black salve a nightmare or a dream come true in the matter of successfully fighting skin cancer.

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