Turmeric Cure for Cancer

Turmeric Cure for Cancer

Turmeric contains curcuma extract which is believed to help kill off cancer cells. The B.B.C news reported that results from the Cork cancer research centre had shown that the extract curcuma found in the curry making spice Turmeric can destroy esophagus cancer cells in a laboratory test. It is said to kill the cells as chemotherapy does and although there is not enough evidence to call Turmeric a cancer cure it is being further tested.

Garlic is also believed to be a cancer fighting spice. Garlic has anti bacterial properties against helibacter pylori which is known to contribute to stomach cancer. Also closely linked to Garlic are Chives, Leeks and Onions which are all being proven to reduce the risk of stomach and colon cancer if they are consumed on a regular basis. Supplements of the herbs and spices are said to not have the same effect.

Turmeric has many other health benefits if taken as part of a healthy diet such as being a natural antiseptic, a liver detoxifier, has anti inflammatory properties and helps to reduce depression just to name a few. Turmeric is, as I have said, a great anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant and as reported in the Daily Mail recently if you mix Turmeric with coconut oil it can help with eczema. By rubbing the mixture onto sore and cracked skin it can prevent the bacteria entering the wound.

Turmeric is also said to have possible benefits for fighting Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis as well as cancer.

Disclaimer- This article is the opinion of the author and therefore takes no responsibilities for people treating themselves. If you suffer from any medical problems please seek professional help.

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