Bad Breath in Your Stomach – More Closely Related Than You Might Think

Bad Breath in Your Stomach – More Closely Related Than You Might Think

Often, there are times where brushing your teeth and eating mints are not enough to combat bad breath. If you have already spoken to your dentist and he has declared nothing wrong orally, it may be that you have an underlying medical condition. All medical conditions with a symptom of bad breath are potentially dangerous and require immediate medical attention. Especially if the halitosis could be from stomach issues.

The most common stomach disorder is gastroesophogeal reflex disease, GERD, also known as heart burn. This occurs when the esophagus sphincter does not completely close and allows digestive acids from the stomach back up into the esophagus. This leaves a distinct acidic taste and smell to the breath as well as a burning sensation in the chest and throat. It is also possible to completely regurgitate a portion of your meals constantly. Try to stay away from spicy food, dairy products, carbonated beverages, and cruciferous vegetables to lessen symptoms. This is one way you can suffer from bad breath and stomach problems.

Constipation is also a body function which may have the symptom of unhealthy breath. Being constipated means that there is some sort of irregularity in the digestive system which has caused the stool to become hardened and difficult to eliminate. The buildup of toxins can be released into the breath by signifying an imbalance in the body.

Unhealthy breath is a symptom for various medical conditions, some of which include:

– Diabetes
– Human immunodeficiency virus disease (HIV)
– Liver disease
– Lung infection or lung cancer
– Stomach ulcers or stomach cancer
– Kidney failure

Bad breath stemming from stomach problems are essential to treat. Not only will most oral aides only mask the problem; once they wear off, you are still stuck in the position of having terrible breath. Your doctor will most likely prescribe you a medication to help with the problem at hand which can help treat unhealthy breath itself. Only when you know and understand your problem, can you go forward to treat the halitosis.

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