Garlic – A Cancer Fighting Anti-Oxidant for Good Health

Garlic – A Cancer Fighting Anti-Oxidant for Good Health

What can garlic do for you? Do you know the great anti-oxidant benefits this very agent has for you? How could this be so?

This is a great benefit in a good healthy diet. It is an excellent safeguard for the body to fight all types of diseases.

Some of it’s great benefits are as an:

Antioxidant / Anti-septic / Antibacterial / Antiviral

These essential health benefits of garlic are derived from its compounds:

Vitamin C / Vitamin B6 / Sulfur / Selenium / Manganese Allicin

Therefore with all this goodness going through your system I believe Garlic should be a Must Have in Your Anti-Cancer Diet. Elements found in this fabulous natural food flavour enhancer makes it a very efficient fighting agent for cancer and many other illnesses.

It is also a fantastic cleanser to the blood system and can be helped along more by having sufficient water as well.

These natural remedy properties of garlic can help to protect your body from free radical damage caused by toxins. We all know there are plenty of these in our world today so it is our responsibility to our own being to help fight the damage caused by such things as car gas pollution, general air pollution,artificial food additives and preservatives, and the list goes on. Not only does it reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds, which are particularly good at protecting against several cancers, but whilst doing this important task is building your immune system up to a high level of power against disease.

What amount of this miracle ingredient do you need in your diet to make a strong and worthwhile difference?

Having one or two raw cloves of garlic per day will help to protect you. Depending on how you consume garlic supplements, eg tablet or powder or raw form, determines what us going to suit you best. It is recommended to take between 500mg and 900mg supplements per day to allow your body to do the work you require to withstand health enemies.

Garlic powder supplements tend to be much stronger tasting than garlic capsules. Go to your health food outlet and talk to them on which way best suits you for consumption.

Please be aware though: Garlic supplements are generally safe to take, but if you are about to undergo surgery, first notify your physician regarding your dosage. The reason for this is because garlic has anti clotting properties, which may interfere with anticoagulant drugs.

Taking Garlic is purely your Choice but do the homework!

It has been proven by trials that garlic is excellent for protection against cancer, especially oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer. If you are in doubt or can’t stomach garlic there are other anti-oxidants available as well. Do the research once again as I did – this is how you learn how to fight these dreaded illnesses we sometimes encounter. Always seek advice from a few different sources. Then you can determine what you think is the best approach for you personally. I believe your mind, heart and soul are big players in your healing process, so be contented with your decision. Don’t do what everyone else suggests. Use your knowledge gained and initiative to carry out what you feel will work and believe in it wholeheartedly.

Most of all be encouraged by those who have experienced such things and move forward with a positive and happy attitude.

Copyright (c) 2007 Jenny Regeling

It is my dream to reach out and encourage people to look seriously at firstly preventing disease and secondly by helping your immune system fight disease. Life is exciting and worth living and we should encourage people to live life to the fullest.

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