EOX Chemotherapy – Treatment of Gastric Cancer

EOX Chemotherapy – Treatment of Gastric Cancer

EOX chemotherapy is the name of the chemotherapy treatment derived by the names of the initial letters of the chemotherapy drugs used for the treatment. The drugs which are used for treatment are capecitabine, epirubicin and oxaliplatin.

This type of chemotherapy is mainly used for treating gastric cancer or stomach cancer. Chemotherapy is the most effective method used for treating various types of cancers. It completely destroys the cancerous cells. It is also necessary for the individual undergoing this treatment to be aware and informed about this treatment.

You can get this information from various medical journals or websites. It will also inform you about the side effects and some simple methods which will help you to deal with them while undergoing this treatment. It will also inform you about the special care which has to be undertaken for treatment.

In some cases, this treatment is used for reducing the size of the tumor which will help it to be removed with the help of surgery. The EOX chemotherapy is given only in hospitals under the supervision of the trained health care professional. Before beginning this treatment, it is necessary to undergo all the medical examinations which will help the doctor to determine the schedule and the dosage of the treatment.

Along with these medical examinations, there are various other factors which are also used to determine the dosage and the schedule of these treatments. They include the type of cancer, its stage and the health condition of the patient.

While undergoing this treatment, you should avoid taking any additional health supplements or any other over the counter medications. In case, you want to take them you should always take it in consultation with your doctor.

Some important aspects which are to be considered while taking this treatment are described below:

The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be undertaken as prescribed by the doctor. These medicines should be stored in a safe place and kept out from the reach of children.

You should keep a track of all your symptoms and the side effects that you are facing. This will help you to deal with the treatment effectively and also consult the doctor for medicines which will help you to provide relief from these side effects.
There are various side effects of this treatment which are generally seen in the individuals undergoing this treatment. They are anemia, diarrhea, feeling sick, changes in the taste, skin color and feeling extremely tired. Besides these, there are some side effects which are not very common. They include constipation, headache, pain in the stomach and dizziness.

The details mentioned here will surely make you aware of the EOX chemotherapy and its side effects. It also provides information about the special care that has to be undertaken during the treatment which will help you to deal with its side effects.

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